10 Varieties Of Equipment You Ought to Take into account Getting For Your Mac

There are many helpful equipment you will get to your Mac, starting from $four to $500 or extra. Check out 10 very helpful equipment you will get, what they are going to do for you, find out how to seek for one on-line and what to search for when buying.

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  1. Great info Gary!!! Cheers! I have most of those items on your list!!

  2. I don't have the UPS menu in my energy saver menu. I have a new Mini Mac up to date.

  3. As a photographer my storage needs are best expressed as TBs in size. I love the Other World Computing Voyager drive enclosures and have two of them. This allows me to choose relatively inexpensive 3.5" internal drives for backing up and archiving my images. For those not familiar with these enclosures they work much like a toaster. You just plug in the USB cable connecting the drive enclosure'sinsert a drive into the enclosure slot, turn on the enclosure, and away you go!

  4. A USB hub is essential, IMHO. The most recent MacBooks only come with a single USB port, so if you have, say, an external drive, a cable mouse or flash drives, you need to be able to plug in more than one USB device at the same time.

  5. Thanks for great, to-the-point instructions as usual! Question: The TM backup external drive be set to also backup the second Archive external drive, as well as the internal drive, right?

  6. Good info again. Is it worth considering turning off the wifi when doing a time machine backup?

  7. Be warned of problems with file sizes on ExFAT formatted drives.

  8. My MBP is the one with only 2 USB-C ports. When I have power plugged in I'm down to one port. Is there any external hubs that have more that one USB-c port so I can use multiple C cable drives

  9. As a new MacBook Pro user I first want to say "Thank you", Gary, for the wealth of resources you make available. I'm learning so much. This is not an accessory question or comment but curious about your thoughts on keyboard covers. I currently am not eating or drinking near the unit because accidents are never planned. Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

  10. Great advice and tips 💯🙌🏻⚡️💻💪🏻💥👏🏻

  11. Thanks, Gary, for doing the hard work for us.

  12. I bought a new iMac 27” with 8GB of memory and added 32GB for a total of 40GB!!!! Really helps with 4K video editing and even Affinity Photo.

  13. Your videos appear to be out of sync: audio v videeo

  14. I have an external drive for TM backups and another one that I use as a clone in case of hard drive failure.

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