DON'T Purchase The Mistaken iPhone Like Me!! – iPhone 11 vs iPhone 11 Professional

I purchased that iPhone 11 to make use of as my private telephone this yr. Oops. This video is about why I want I had gone for the Professional as an alternative. It isn’t simply because the Professional has a brighter display exterior (though that is SO a lot better). It isn’t simply because the Professional is made from nicer, extra premium supplies. There’s extra to it — and alongside the best way I am going to even be speaking about “Professional” vs “non-Professional” Apple merchandise as nicely and having a wider dialogue on trade-offs. This can be a little completely different than my typical vids (no suggestions or app suggestions) however I hope you prefer it!

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  1. Bro can you give me iPhone 11 pro

  2. When you think about it, aren’t the Apple Watch Editions and Hermès editions kind of like the “Apple Watch Pro”? They have the same internal specs but are made of different materials. I don’t know exactly what Apple could do to the Apple Watch to make it more “Pro” like….it seems like the category is unsuited for the product. Not everything needs a “Pro” moniker attached to it.

  3. Watching it on my Nokia 3310

  4. Ironicly coming from android ecosystem
    I have the iphone11 as my working phone and samsung s10 as my personal phone

  5. You know you have the option of dual sim since the iPhone X

  6. The reflections that appear on the iPhone 11pro Max is JUST HORRENDOUS!!! Those blue dots across all my night photos are just terrible!! Why? How do I get rid of them

  7. Me:I think I’ll get the iPhone 11 and not the pro
    Him: it has a brighter screen and bla bla bla So Dont get the wrong phone like me
    Me: gets the iPhone 11
    Me: watches the video
    Me: …….I thought it was quite good

  8. So buying both phones, which is the same more than the 11 Pro Max, with 512G, and you're complaining about buying the wrong phone.

    Dude, seriously, you're in the wrong lane.

  9. TIL – Paying more equals pro products. This video seems pointless unfortunately.

  10. I love tele lens personally cuz sometimes there is a limit when moving forward like if there is a obstacle or water in front or when you want to zoom in from an airplane and the quality of the ultrawide sucks anyways

  11. iPhone 11 does everything you need. The 11 pro gives very little to justify paying more. OLED or not, iPhone screens are still dope af. Only get the Pro if you have money to spend.

  12. My dad buys my phones… I told him I wanted the iPhone 11 Pro Max cause I like bigger phones and he knows that. But I ended with iPhone 11… hated that I ended up with it, and still hate the phone

  13. This review is for Chris and Chris only 🙂 as a person shopping for a iPhone the review did not help me determine which version I should consider … maybe my ya too early in the morning ! But there seams to be a lot of rambling in the video

  14. Man I feel the same way. Should have gotten the 11pro 🤦🏾‍♂️

  15. I think for people like you and me who are Mac fanatics and are hyper-aware of every feature, we’d experience this. Especially for you seeing as though this is your profession. My partner went down from the XS Max to the iPhone 11 and hasn’t looked back. For most people, the difference is barely discernible.

  16. I guess just me wondering where is AirPod vs. AirPod pro

  17. I want the pro max but I like the colors on the regular 11

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