Discovering the proper fishing rod

Realizing how to decide on the appropriate fishing rod will be very troublesome, I hope this movie helps you all out!
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  1. I dont know wht RIPLE FISHER, IS THE BEST

  2. Thanks, be nice to see a comparison of travel rods..

  3. Yah Briggsy!! Big big info in that video man! Way too much $$$ for me but, super interesting. Duncan is an absolute wealth of knowledge and tips! No secrets too! Big plus!!! So cool that Brooksy walks in and David chose those rods!!! Awesome video brah! Aloha!🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙Yew!

  4. Great Video Briggsy, great Choice for David! Duncan knows his stuff…
    Got the TC80-50G, too… would never want to do without that rod!
    Greetings from Germany!
    @david: die Tobizo kriegt man inzwischen auch hier in Deutschland recht gut 🙂 Aber der Urlaub war sicher n netter Nebeneffekt 😀

  5. Wrong season if u r after GTs here in dhofar ( my place ) , maybe AJ n tuna , the later would start in few weeks hopefully .

  6. That poor girl looked sooo bored. Now she knows how us men feel when we have to go the shoe store with them!

  7. Love the video! I am also from Germany and can't wait to be back in New Zealand later this year and fish for Kingfish again! Such a different fishing to Germany and I love it. The video helps to get ideas of what rod I should go for 🤙🏼

  8. GRod International 12' striper series… try it, you'll love it!

  9. 65kg briggs! need to drink some beers m8

  10. I love purchasing rod n reel, so exited

  11. Just got to play around with a Zenaq slow pitch rod in Massachusetts thanks to you. Was tomo's. Had no idea you guys came over here. If you come back would love to meet you.

  12. Im a fan guys plz can you tell me when are leaving to Uman to meet you there guys and watch you fishing if its possible ..huge fan

  13. When you guys coming to Oman on this year

  14. This was an amazing vid bro very informative

  15. Duncan is the man when it comes to rods. Learned a heap and now realising I’ll be driving down to to see him for my next purchase

  16. Lol it has little to do with body weight. It’s technique. Hence why you get ‘worked’ and even old men work heavy sticks just fine

  17. Aswb makes decent lures dogshit rods. Stella > saltiga

  18. Ước gì có 1 bộ cần như vậy 😭😭😭😭😭

  19. What trade show in Japan was he referencing?

  20. What a great man, not a seller attitude.

  21. @4:47 was the best part – well hello there

  22. Too much didn't know was so much in a fishing rod pick . But I guess just like everything in life get ting is half the battle

  23. I'm too poor for this video lmao

  24. Ugly stik is my all time favourite rod since i was a lil angler! 😊

  25. nice vido bro..suport you..and subcribe from melaysia🤘😉

  26. Mantaaaapp 🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩

  27. G'day everyone, thanks heaps for watching the film!
    Here's Fishhead –
    and if you're keen to see what David hooks on his new rods give him a sub –

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