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With my 16″ MacBook Professional headed again to Apple and a substitute on the way in which I have been spending extra time with my iPad Professional once more. On this vid I am going to present you among the equipment I have been utilizing with it and a few model new equipment you in all probability have not seen or heard about earlier than!

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– My spiral desk lamp:
– 0:38 – Keychron K2 Mechanical Keyboard –
– 0:56 – Satechi R1 Hinge Pill Stand –
– 1:13 – Flote M2 iPad Ground Stand –
– 1:20 – Xbox Controller –
– 2:06 – Sketchboard Professional –
– 3:26 – Brydge Professional+ Keyboard –
– 4:18 – Satechi USB-C Apple Watch Dock –
– 5:36 – RavPower Mini 1TB SSD –
– 6:45 – BoltHub Professional Different –
– 7:39 – $40 Apple Pencil Different –
– 8:59 – Modular Charging Station –

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  1. Ugly keyboard and mouse (The big keyboard and Apple magic mouse)! unlike previous Satechi set is good.

  2. Looking forward to the bridge pro keyboard review. 🙂

  3. The Satechi USB-C Apple Watch Charger is the best convenient accessory to have on the go. Have mine for about a month now, and had no issues yet and charges just as fast as the cable charger. Also compatible to use with high watt power bricks. I typically use a 30 watt Anker PowerPort Atom PD 1. Currently going to try out my charging accessories with the Satechi 72w USB-C PD car charger.
    Nevertheless, Great content as always!

  4. WARNING FOR PAPERLIKE 2: I bought this as a kickstarter backer because I was a big fan of the original, but the increased clarity is NOT worth the slew of negatives that accompany this new design:

    1) the screen eats through Apple Pencil tips so insanely fast. With the original PaperLike, I would change tips maybe once a year, now I have to change tips every two weeks.

    2) the screen is NOT scratch resistant and will scratch if your Apple Pencil tip is worn down (which it will be with even minimal use).

    3) the feel of the 2.0 is not the same as the original. I’d describe it more as sticky rather than rough or paper-like

    I’ve gone out and bought a glass screen protector and I’m going to be taking the 2.0 off of my iPad because it’s just not performing. Beware if you’re considering buying. I’d like to point out that the company and their customer service, however, are an absolute delight and replied back immediately and offered to refund me for the price of the purchase. I just wanted to put this out there that it did not work for me.

  5. I've seen that typing experience with the bridge model is horrible, I know everyone knows this but I'd rather to buy te logitech slim folio pro

  6. Replacement ? Needed repair your brand new macbook ?

  7. Ah, nice to see Logos on your iPad! A must have app! Thanks for the great video! I love my iPad – still an old 9.7”, but it still works like a charm!

  8. I actually prefer to write on the screen without the paper feel. I hate that paper feel rubbing on my hand. It's like nails on a chalkboard to me. Anyone else feel the same? Or am I a nigel no friends? Lol

  9. Excellent video! You are right most of the accessory vids show the Apple Pencil or case.

  10. Hopefully the Brydge pro plus will come in silver. Also, hopefully the keys will be durable and charging port will actually be leveled. Last but not least they should add a USB 3 to it because the price on that preorder is ridiculous.

  11. I just really appreciate your videos.. always so reliable, quality information and perfect b roll shots. I miss insane setups as well 🙁

  12. One of my fave accessories is this XQD reader that connects via usb C …use it everyday after a photoshoot

  13. Very unique recommendations ….thanks👍

  14. I absolutely hated paper like…
    It was nice to feel like you were drawing on paper but when you actually have to use your fingers to do things on the iPad it's a really horrible dry feeling everytime you swipe etc, I took mine off within a couple of days
    Absolutely loved the other products though I think I'll look into getting an SD reader.

  15. That RavPower Mini sounds cool, but can the iPad Air 3 use it (with the Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter, of course)?

  16. Excellent video. Clear and succinct. Easy to follow. Keep up the good work

  17. Honestly, my 64 gb iPad pro is more than enough and I coupled it with another 64 gb SanDisk pendrive….

  18. Nice Video. Thanks for the recommendation☺️ Considering keyboards I use the `Logitech Keys to Go’. It’s long lasting and lightweight, also on Amazon cheeper than the Apple store. Perfect for students🙊

  19. i use the Muse Case for mine. It's a tri-fold stand which can also fold over the ipad and sort of act like a book cover. It replicates the wacom cintiq 13HD stand perfectly letting me put the keyboard behind the ipad for optimal workflow when drawing.

    I got a knock off paperlike protector from amazon and i love it. Not my fault paperlike didn't choose a better company name or doesn't sell on Amazon.

    I also got this multi switch keyboard which can toggle between an ipad, a PC and a phone/ipod touch. Great for when i want to use the ipad pro to draw and occasionally switch to using my PC for videos.

  20. Does anyone know what app he uses to create a notes/reminder like table on the iPads screen?

  21. Paperlike is really not worth it. I had it and quite quickly it was all scratched (as one could expect). Then I bought just the cheapest £4 matte screen protector and guess what. Exact same effect.

  22. I use my iPad Pro almost daily for video watching, reading and college homework. (I don’t do editing). My favorite case has been the book book by 12 south. For the new iPad Pro it has a pocket that I went cheap on for the Arteck keyboard. I also use the book book accessory case that can even hold the Apple mouse when not in use.

  23. I like the look of the Apple Watch charger.

  24. The RavPower Mini and BoltHub Pro both look good … however the BoltHub has not yet shipped, their kickstarter website says estimated shipping date was July, 2019 … a bit sloppy of them not to have updated the estimated date of shipping. It took some online searching to find another website where they’ve postponed the “estimated” shipping date to January, 2020 … it’s now Jan. 25, so that leaves them 6 days to meet this second “estimated” launch date … or postpone again … ?!

    Ok, gotta be honest … that Keychron keyboard looks as clunky and enormous and just plain ugly as the very first keyboards from 20 years ago. Why would anyone choose this clunker over the super lightweight, compact, Apple bluetooth keyboard that rests comfortably on your lap? I agree with you that the Flote stands are/“were” totally amazing … I have one that I absolutely love and use daily … but the link you included below says they are “discontinued” and I’ve not been able to find them available anywhere … so if you know where they’re currently sold, let us know.

  25. Oh I see spiderhorse in that intro clip 👀

  26. the pencil at 8.00 with the carbon fiber tip: NO. The tip is sooo sharp that it makes scratch marks on the screen. STAY CLEAR of it. I immediately had to go get paperlike. And it leaves 'scratches' on paperlike. You can hear an obvious scratch sound (ouch) not like the paper/pencil sound that the Apple pencil makes on paperlike. Also, the on/off touch at the end of the pencil is susceptible to accidental touches and constantly turns off bc of that. The one good thing I like is the carbon tip retracts when you press down hard when writing.

  27. I actually just ordered that Scosche Baselynx Modular charging station a couple days ago.
    Interested in the Brydge Pro+ Keyboard, the Satechi USB-C Apple Watch Dock, and the RavPower SSD drive.

  28. Just like the ad, the ipad pro is 'paper-like' in how it might bend from breathing in its direction.

  29. Would anyone recommend the paperlike protector if I use my iPad for note taking, drawing AND photo/video editing?😅

  30. What is the game at the beginning of the video?

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