Make your PS4 Controller Professional for $25 –
Kicking off 2020 with one of the best, will need to have, unbelievable, wonderful, life altering Nintendo Change Equipment. jk however not likely.

GuliKit Kingkong Controller for Nintendo Change, Home windows PC and Android, Highly effective Wi-fi Joystick Help Sensible Auto Pilot Gaming

Nintendo Change Twin USB Playstand By HORI – Formally Licensed by Nintendo

Nintendo Change Lite Flip Cowl & Display screen Protector – Change

Cranium & Co. GripCase Lite Bundle: A Snug Protecting Case with Replaceable Grips [to fit All Hands Sizes] for Nintendo Change Lite- Turquoise

HyperX ChargePlay Clutch – Charging Case for Nintendo Change, USB Sort-C, Pleasure-Con Grips, Charging Kickstand, Tabletop Mode, 6000mAh Battery

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  1. Lol sponsored by Satisfy asf bro, get out of here with that, talk about being bought out

  2. And the case is Xbox proof if you ever drop one on it by accident

  3. This guy needs more subscribers…

  4. Should change video name to new switch lite accessories instead

  5. 6:50 i honestly thinks its better to just spend a bit more money for the with 4 usb slots instead, it still has a usb c port too

  6. I think I want a switch just to buy accessories and not to play

  7. I have an idea let's make a case where the shoulder button stick out the side the kids aren't going to drop the switch or anything and break the shoulder buttons and you think of all people Nintendo themselves would want to make a high-quality case but I guess not

  8. 😭 small grips yay I'm 23 and my hands are smaller then most women I know

  9. Kevin’s beard looks fooking excellent. Nice trim brother!

  10. First person that makes the control surfaces removable and docks the then switch lite de-make to a pro controller can just start printing money for production.

  11. Which grip do you guys think is better for the normal Switch? The Skull and Co or the Satisfye?

  12. Ngl, probably better to have labeled it as switch lite since most of these were used with that system. While there were 2 that were for the switch I feel as though these new accessories are more targeted toward the lite. I understand it's the newer system that has a more affordable price but as more accessories get produced, it's more beneficial to just label these as switch lite accessories

  13. Wish there was a Pokémon themed Nintendo switch (the regular one not the switch lite)

  14. you are a different kind of stupid if you buy a controller for you switch lite.

  15. why am I watching this I don't even have a switch

  16. When you like the video before watching it because you already know that it will be good… 🙂

  17. wow dude You sound great. I am going to go buy this case rn!

  18. Ah yes, stuff that i cant get in my country

  19. It baffles me how much BS Kevin can spit about a thin flip case

  20. Heres a tip, dont undock your switch like a fucking man child.

  21. Loving the Pdp wireless afterglow so far, officially licensed also so you know Nintendo won't Bork it with an update. Internal battery, RGB, great feeling analog sticks and dpad. Only downside is the recharge port is microusb.

    These third party controllers from odd brands irk me as Nintendo could at anytime disable them via an update, and many of them are finicky to connect and stay connected as it is.

  22. The "bricking" of Switches by the Nyko dock was due to incorrect power delivery. (Too high a voltage fried a power-input chip in the Switch.) It had nothing to do with pushing a video signal out at the same time. Decent newer chargers and docks avoid the issue with proper PD design for the Switch. Nintendo may have also added some smarts to the Switch to immediately reject incorrect PD, and shut down. ( I don't have any evidence for this last statement, other than a reply by TimeLag Gaming to a comment under one of his videos. It may be something to look further into.)

    The official Pro controller feels very much like my XBO controllers, except for the lack of progressive triggers (which the Switch can't read anyway). I don't understand the appeal of that Gulikit pad, particularly if the macro functionality is wonky.

  23. We need a new switch for 2020, the switch is dated.

  24. That HyperX Battery + Gamecube Joy-cons would look like a massive gamecube controller looking PSP.

  25. I need good games that will be able to not overuse battery on this indie console.

  26. Why you always wearing beanies?

  27. For the lite cover case, could you possibly just add velcro straps to the back of both bottoms then when you want to use it as a stand put some straps and it wont slip out anymore?

  28. They should make color grip for the special edetion pikachu and eevee one that match the color of the joy cons because I would
    Buy it.

  29. why am i here i dont even have a switch

  30. I don't have nintendo, console or laptop. Why am I watch this?

  31. so I have that Pokemon switch lite so I guess I need that matching grip now

  32. This guy does youtube like he is making a documentary

  33. Its a switch controller and not a bad one at that stuffs controller in back pocket

  34. I think it's time to ditch the beanies, shave your head. You must have an enormous beanie collection, or some really stinky beanies that you wear and wash on a daily basis. At least maybe do a beanie room tour. please.

  35. They need to make a Nintendo switch capture card

  36. Kevin love your videos..can you please guide me to a online location which ships globally to buy a decent grip case for main here in india i am not finding the satisfy grip and it's case..

  37. Which was your favorite? Also! make your PS4 Controller Pro for $25 –

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