Finest 9 GoPro Equipment 2020 – You want these to your new GoPro!

Listed below are my prime 9 must-have GoPro equipment that will help you get capturing very quickly.

This isn’t a sponsored video. All merchandise have been purchased and paid for with my very own funds. So should you discover this video useful, please think about using the hyperlink beneath to buy gear. I’ll obtain a small fee at no additional price to you, and the funds assist me make extra movies.


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  1. Thank you for the information. My wife and I still buying the gear for the cooking channel. Our goal is to have it published at the end of the month. we are working on the lightening.

  2. Powerbank stick is not recommend while u video n charging at the same time .it will heat up your gp specially when is summer time. This video is all bout ulanzi product because is a sponsor product

  3. Does the door keeps the water/dust from getting in? (When used with usb c?

  4. Hi Suzie, (sorry if I spelt your name incorrectly).

    Thanks for the great video, you've covered some excellent bits of kit. I've currently got the Hero 7 which I love. I mainly film while cycling with my son so it's great and really robust, the built in audio is kind of acceptable as well which is a bonus.

    On the Hero 8 do you know if it's waterproof? It seems like it's not given how flimsy the door is that you showed.

    I'm going to get a Hero 8 but I'm interested to get some reviews and feedback on the Mod microphone. Ideally I'd like to use that so that's it all nice and compact but if the audio quality is rubbish then that will be a shame.

    Oh and does is shoot 4K with the stabilisation on, I know in the Hero 7 it was 2.7K with stabilisation.

    Many thanks,

  5. I’m sorry to be mean here but did you clarify that this video is sponsored by Ulanzi or not ?

  6. Do I need to sign up on your page to buy the product (affiliate) . Subbed.

  7. And a gimbal for the 8? Or did I miss something. Thanks!

  8. Thank you for making this video. I've purchased several of the accessories for my GP Hero 8 on Amazon via your site. Please keep the great content coming!

  9. Im looking for a small mic to decrease beach wind noise….what do you suggest?

  10. Is it still waterproof when using ulanzi new cover cuz usb port will be exposed? And i heard from many review that gopro hero 8 is overheated very quickly and cannot shoot more than 1hour due to overheating. Is it true?

  11. allemaal leuk en aardig die gopros maar is toch tering duur als je al die accesoires nog apart moet kopen

  12. Great Video! I am wondering if you think the Ulanzi filter adapter will fit the 8 once the Hero 8 media mod comes out?It looks like it won't but not sure.

  13. Great and useful clip, thank you

  14. Quick Question. If i use tempered glass screen protectors for gopro8. Can i fit in the ulanzi case? (Slide door)

  15. Really helpful. I have ordered the GoPro Hero 8 Black, and this video was extremely useful in letting me know whats out there. (New to the whole GoPro scene…) Thank you.

  16. I have a headset that I love; I just Subscribed!

  17. Instead of using a zippered cover, I’ve used a wristband (sweatband) to slide over the camera since my hero 2 days when the lens was bulbous. It’ll protect the lens and is super easy to slide off one handed when you need to use it quick. You can also wear it on your wrist when you’re filming, so you don’t even have to put it in a pocket or bag.

  18. Can you add a link to the selfi tri pod stick please

  19. What are your favorite GoPro accessories?

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