The Should Have iPad Professional Equipment for 2020!

What’s going on guys!! Needed to share with you all of the equipment you would wish to get essentially the most out of your iPad Professional in 2020!!

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Merchandise used:
AirPods Professional:
Inateck Twin USC-C Charger:
Inateck BackPack :
Inateck 45W:
Baseus 6 in 1 USB-C Hub:
iPad Professional 12.9 inch:
iPad Professional Sensible Folio Keyboard:
Logitech MX Wherever 2S:
Apple Pencil 2:
Most Inexpensive Stand:


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  1. This coming very soon in 2020…
    Love your videos by the way!

  2. Great video❗️I only have to pick up an extra charger, usb to usb-c and usb-c to lightning cable and SSD WHEN I GO TO TOWN NEXT TIME.

  3. You the man Fernando. Keep up the great work. We literally have the same mindset with the iPad so you are by far my favorite to watch. You should do a video with how you actually use it for your job, if you are comfortable with sharing. I am a mech engineer in jersey and i basically use it to eliminate notes on paper. Cheers!

  4. I just bought the 256 gb space grey 11” a few weeks back and your right its an absolute game changer 🤟 went all out and bought the Apple Keyboard, the Apple pencil 2, i bought the Microsoft Arc Mouse, Anker PD 10000 slim power bank and finally the Sutter Tech Sling standard size from Waterfield Design to carry it all around in every day. Cant recommend the iPad pro enough, keep the iPad pro content coming btw 🤟💯🔥

  5. Have you tried D Brand skins for your pro? Considering getting the matte black skin but have herd bad stories of people peeling skins off their iPads and having the serial number peel off or the coating on the Aluminum get damaged. Im sure it would be fine but would like to hear from someone who has used their skins on their iPad pros before buying as i have OCD when it comes to my tech

  6. The Apple keyboard plastic deteriorates after about a year.

  7. Hey bro, Can you transfer your documents from a memory to your iPad?
    I would like to use it for university, I am studying the degree in administration and you know, documents, presentations and all of this.

  8. I have increasingly been going over to iPad Pro for the last 3 years (from version 1 – to 2018 version). I still have a Mac, but rarely use, or need to use – 99% of my work as Director of an international company I can do on my 12.9” iPad Pro (particularly since iPadOS). And I much prefer using the iPad Pro – the simpler interface suits me better, I like the direct touch interface and it can even do things a MacBook Pro can’t – such use to play music, scan documents, take photos and connect with LTE anywhere, and use as tablet for taking notes or leisure. For me the Smart keyboard is the main accessory – something I use nearly all the time, while the pencil I only use intermittently. The AirPods Pro are great and I use anywhere including on air flights. An external charger is great if away from mains for period of time, as I use my iPad Pro so much (10 hours a day not unusual), that I can exhaust the battery in a day when out of office. I have the 1TB version and basically have all my business documents on the device backed up to iCloud. I then need carry no papers. The mouse I have, but rarely use – I just don’t find it beneficial with a touch device. I tend to carry my iPad Pro in a slender leather brief case – just looks more professional on business.

  9. What do you recommend for an external battery? Didn't see it listed above. Thanks!

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