BEST Prompt Pot Equipment to Purchase AND Keep away from! + My Bizarre Recommendation

Hey you! I am Lisa Childs of Tried, Examined, and True Prompt Pot Cooking. On this new video, I will be sharing with you my 11 finest Prompt Pot equipment to BUY AND AVOID! I am additionally sharing with you some bizarre, unconventional recommendation on the subject of Prompt Pot equipment. Be sure you watch until the tip!

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My favourite Prompt Pot equipment: (A few of these could also be affiliate hyperlinks, which implies I am going to earn a small fee in case you select to buy utilizing this hyperlink, with no added value to you. It is a method to say, “thanks!” for offering you this product 🙂

1) Prompt Pot Trivet: or TALL Trivet:
2) Prompt Pot Steamer basket: (use code IPCOOKING15 for 15% off!)
3) Prompt Pot Steamer Internet:
4) Prompt Pot Silicone Stress Cooking Sling:
5) Prompt Pot Cheesecake Push Pan with Deal with:
6) Ramekins:
7) Silicone Muffin Liners:
8) Additional Sealing Rings and Silicone Lid PACK for Prompt Pot:
9) Additional Prompt Pot Liner:
10) Prompt Pot Glass Lid:
11) Flat Whisk:

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  1. Question: are the silicone muffin cups easy to clean. How do you clean them?

  2. This is the first of your videos I've seen and I love it. Great advice on Instant Pot accessories. I just received my Instant Pot but have not unboxed it yet. I will take your advice on using and getting to know the cooker before spending more money on accessories. I will definitely tune into your channel in the future. Just one thing concerning the steamer basket. I was always told I shouldn't put all my eggs in one basket. (Wink)

  3. QUICK! Somebody get that girl non-frumpy clothes for videos.
    Thank you

  4. I’m very upset that I JUST found your channel but soooo HAPPY I did!! 😍😁

  5. Love using that steamer basket with a handle in Instant Pot! Great video! 💚💚💚

  6. Missing accessory must-have… those little silicone gloves, that look like a Muppet mouth. So great for pulling out the liner when hot. don't get the cheapest; reviews say they let your hands burn, or they melt!! Also, for de-glazing, a wooden spoon works fine for me.

  7. Good advice!
    Yeah, I bought those magnetic time charts and haven’t referred to one even once. What was I thinking? Cook times are listed in every recipe.
    I bought the glass lid about a year after I bought the pot. I like that it has a small hole in it which lets out steam that otherwise might make a regular lid dance around on top of the pot. It is very handy to use when you need to finish a recipe where you add ingredients at the end. I often make veggie soup where a lot of chopping is involved. I’ll chop as I go, starting with green beans, celery and carrots, sauté them in the pot while I chop other veggies. It’s much easier to take the glass lid off and put it back on after each addition. Sometimes I just add veggie broth and don’t even pressure cook. I found there isn’t much difference in time between cooking veggie soup with or without pressure.
    I find that when cooking just broccoli or corn it’s a lot less hassle to do it in the microwave- it’s faster and a lot less clean- up is involved- unless you maybe cook huge amounts, which I don’t.
    I think my best accessory is 2 extra rings. Kale and cabbage really love to impart their stinky personality onto the rings!
    Thank you for the video! Several of these items I had no idea existed.

  8. I definitely want the Steamer Basket you recommend and also the silicone sling/lifter for when I cook pot in a pot stuff. I also Love the Flat Whisk, I’ve had mine for a few years and am so glad you mentioned it so I can remember to use it with my Instant Pot. Thank you for all the tips and tricks! 🤗

  9. Please, much lower volume for background music…or "no music" during your speaking please.

  10. How do you get the hot pot out? I always have difficulty doing this. My hands are so weak and it’s hot.

  11. Thanks so much that was very informative

  12. Can any of these fit a nuwave duet 6 qt?

  13. I have most of those accessories you mentioned NOT to buy… and you're right I don't use them either. But I don't use any of those that you mentioned to buy as well only because I mostly make oatmeal in my instant pot! I need to branch out some more LOL thanks for a great video!

  14. Great to hear that word 'frugal', Lisa. Being similarly minded, I choose NPR (no pressure release) timings for hard boiled eggs, economising on cooking time and maximising use of input energy. If using dried chickpeas, I soak them overnight, rinse, then cook in fresh water for just 5 minutes plus full NPR, to save power and get better texture and taste than with non-soak, longer-cook IP methods. Add salt plus good olive oil or melted butter… so much better than canned!

  15. I got a power pressure cooker xl as a gift but I'm glad I found your channel because there is good advise I can still use. Thanks

  16. Good job, much great choices. You are right about using the instant pot.

  17. I bought the egg set and do not regret it because it has the tall trivet also and I didn't have one. I do also use it to do boiled eggs. Put the small side down and it will center the yolk for deviled eggs. Doesn't matter to me, but they look nicer if you are taking them to a dinner somewhere.

  18. Thank you for your tried and trued advice about these accessories – the good and the bad. Very helpful.

  19. Concur on the steamer pot. Use mine almost every time I use the IP. Great for making bone broth. Just pull it out and the broth is clear and ready to go.

  20. subscribed. she is good. well done videos. good useful info. music, nah, don’t like it.

  21. None of those look like instant pot accessories. They do seem to be electric pressure cooker accessories. Maybe I will buy one and use it in my Go-Wise Electric Pressure Cooker Pot.

  22. lol bought accessory kit that included magnets. I understand though what your reasons are. I did not have any of the items in the kit. the magnets I plan to use as idea for cooking time. Good video and thanks for advice

  23. I was so excited that I got my Insta pot for Christmas. really had not planned to get one. But it was on sale so my husband got me one. Wish I saw your video first before I baught the extra accessories nuts. I subscribed to your channel now.

  24. Hello ..and thank you for this amazing thoughtful video…I do have one of those magnet thingies it looks nice on the fridge …it gives me a framework ..I’ve cooked long enough to know that recipe times are “ suggestions “…right on !

  25. The budget minded might want to check thrift stores for second-hand mixing bowls small enough to fit in their IP pot. They typically go for just a few dollars and they have an added benefit. Their rounded bottoms make them easier to clean than the IP's pot. Add a cup or two of water to the IP's pot (for the steaming) along with the spacer screen and then the mixing bowl. This budget pot-in-pot technique also lets you cook several items without washing the IP between.

    For items I want to serve and perhaps store afterward I cook them that same way but use one or two quart pyrex containers. Serve them from that container and use the lid to store the leftovers. Again, less washing up afterward.

  26. Everything is spot on except I did but the egg thing because I make a lot not boiled eggs and found uneven cooked eggs when put in something else. This insert allows evenly boiled eggs. Maybe not for everyone but works really well for me. Proud owner of two 6 qtrs😁

  27. Thanks, the videos are very helpful! I steam all of my veggies and am looking for a steamer basket that could hold large amounts of veggies.

  28. I Bought the Duo Crisp, so I use the Airfryer Basket as a steaming basket.

  29. I am impressed with your choices and reason for them but I did not see the Non-Stick Inner mentioned. I use my IP mostly for Slow Cooking and the Non-Stick Pot has nicely rounded corners at the bottom.
    btw there are other Pressure Cookers available and all seem to be of a similar (if not the same) size (diameter) as the IP so those accessories are pretty universal. I even used the Trivet Basket of my 40+ year old Stove Top, Prestige High Dome Pressure Cooker in the IP, but that Steamer Basket is better,.
    Excellent presentation.

  30. I have one of those baskets i bought from a store, i love it…i don't use it for my IP bc my basket doens't fit my 6 qt, but i use it to store my cut up veggies…:) I will buy a smaller one to put in my IP, although i've got baskets already for the IP, but not with the same reinforcement and handle as the one you're showing

  31. i'll need to get some silicon lids !!

  32. Great video, love the out -takes. I agree with all your recommendations. I'm an instant pot user for 3+ years, and a pressure cooker user for over 50 years. Keep up the blog and videos. I enjoyed watching and learned some new things as well. Thanks.

  33. Thank you to the honest guy selling the Kit, and you for revealing that secret tip

  34. Hey everyone! Happy Sunday! Let me know what your favorite accessory is and if you agree or disagree with me! Have a great week! – Lisa

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