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This week we share our greatest dream come true: having the ability to shock our very deserving dad and mom with a visit to Mexico! Yupp, one other break from van life for Eamon & Bec as we fly to Cancun to spend 7 days in paradise with Bec’s siblings and oldsters. It was such a particular week and we’re so excited to share somewhat little bit of this journey with you on this vlog. We all know it is not our typical van life content material however we’ll be again residing within the van in Europe in NO time!!

Compensate for our final adventures:
Ditching the Van and Flying House

Somebody Broke into our Home (van life nightmare)

Van Life Scotland | three Folks Residing in a Van

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VAN TOUR after 2 years residing in our TINY HOUSE on wheels

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  1. What’s the song during the river scene??

  2. Great video as usual guys. Happy new year. What song is playing at 3.40? X

  3. Your dad! ❤️❤️😭😭😁

  4. Bec where did you buy your hat? Love it and have been looking for one like it forever! Tu ey always look too coy boyish

  5. What resort did you guys go to? My mom is turning 50 in June and I am looking for some ideas. Love you guys ❤️

  6. I didn’t know how much I needed your videos again until I saw this in my subs 😍❤️

  7. That surprise for your dad made me cry! So so sweet! Pears are the most underrated fruit!

  8. You're family home is so "homey" I love it..I hope my home has the same vibes one day ♡

  9. All those photos of me and no love for the kid. Some people. Dalton

  10. Your parents must have been so happy to have you all for Christmas and so long after. 😍😍 was your dad from Nova Scotia?

  11. It’s great to see my little buddies back at it🤗

  12. Can someone please explain me!?!??!
    I wanna travel the world with van to hut the only question I'm trying to figure out do you travel the world like I mean….. when you go to another country you guys obviously need a PASSPORT so then how from one country you guys can jump to another country and then to another country again and to another country again like just How. You guys please explain me

  13. "Your tit is out." So casual and then pans to the onlookers. Love it! Eamon, your hair was glorious in the underwater shot.

  14. Hi Eamon and Bec! I absolutely love watching your videos, although i do have a slight problem. For christmas this year i decided to get my uncle a cookbook by you because i am always telling him about how amazing ur life style is and we were thinking about doing vanlife one day but anyways, we bought the cookbook and it never arrived in his email. I am very disappointed that you did not respond to previous messages that my mother has sent to you. We have tried to get in contact with u from instagram and regular email but no responses. I know u may be busy visiting family and traveling the world but i would really appreciate it if u would take the time to respond.

  15. what's this version of the Song "Stormy Weather"?! I can't find it 😭

  16. ugh i’ve missed you guys soooo much! ❤️ sounds crazy but i’ve been thinking of you guys this past holiday season! this trip looks amazing. so happy you guys got experience that as a family!!!

  17. Anyone know the background song on the first video of eamon being drunk

  18. Bec looks so much like her mom!!!!

  19. Please I need the link to that stormy weather remix!!!

  20. So fun! All the family and a great time 🙂

  21. 0:03 same facial expression Bec makes

  22. Cansada, since you’re a female.
    Cansado, if you’re a male.

    Cansados if you’re more than one.

    9:10 lol you said “ Man “ instead of hungry.
    Hombre ( man ) hambre ( hungry )

    Are you man ? Is what you said.

    Good Spanish overall

  23. Bec can you share where you get your swimsuits from?? I love them but I don’t think you’ve ever shared where they’re from!

  24. Always nice to have family members visiting when you are far away. You can also share the life you are living so, makes it easier for them to understand your decisions on the travel lifestyle.

  25. I died watching Eamon dance on stage 😭💀

  26. Bec, where did you get your suits in this video? I am OBSESSED


  28. Eamon and Bec both showing tits in this video LMAO! Glad you guys enjoyed a family vacation!

  29. He said “I’m bringing bubba”

  30. I got married at this resort so beautiful 💜

  31. You guys are beautiful people! I’ve been enjoying your videos for sometime now. I’m a big fan!👍👏

  32. lol "your tit is out"
    so many times at the back beach hahaha
    you guys have gotten so good at speaking othrr languages i love seeing you communicate with the locals

  33. Bec. Your dads laugh is priceless. 🙂 Made me smile to see him open that shirt.
    Beautiful family.

  34. Now I know where Bec gets her contagious laugh from 🙂 the facial expression and all!

  35. If I lend my dad a sweater, he’ll never give it back! Omg so funny! 😆

  36. oh my goodness i love all of your videos so much!!! also ps- what kind of dog do your parents have?

  37. To all you viewers that support this channel I'd have to say you're doing a great job! 💲💲💲🤗

  38. Wheres the unedited version haah

  39. How are you this irresponsible and stupid? Mexico has not been safe for about a DECADE. "
    26 Bags Of Body Parts Found In Western Mexico Ravine………………………There are at least 20 other places to vacation with very safe environments…..

  40. What resort did you go to? It looks amazing!

  41. Such a great gift and so well deserved ,

  42. We are so excited to share today’s video with you as it brings tears to our eyes! To be able to surprise my parents with this gift after all they have given us means the world to us both. Please enjoy our family adventure to Mexico & squeeze your loved ones tight today x

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