The BEST Nintendo Swap Equipment You NEED To Examine Out!

On this video I present you all my Swap equipment, the whole lot from luggage to handy methods to retailer or show your video games.

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Nintendo Swap Video games Evaluations:
Destiny Extella Hyperlink:
Ni No Kuni:
Atelier Ryza:
Stranded Sails:
Hearth Emblem Three Homes:
Graveyard Keeper:
Dragon’s Dogma:
Atelier Lulua:
My Time at Portia:
Tales of Vesperia:
Victor Vran:
Shining Resonance Chorus:
Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu/Eevee:
Little Dragons Café Evaluation:
Atelier Lydie & Suelle:
Titan Quest:
Harvest Moon Gentle of Hope:
Xenoblade Chronicles 2:


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  1. I love hearing you do reviews, 5 stars to you hope you manage to find more success from you’re YouTube channels hun 🙌. 😃

  2. Ohmygooosh I love your hair 😄👏🏻

  3. Official Ircha Seal of Quality Switch products

  4. Happy new year! Thank for your videos. Happiness, joy, health and success to you and all the ones you love. <B

  5. oh those cartridge cases look nice, I was hoping to find one with a pokemon style but sadly I can't seem to find one :/

  6. Your shirt is like the inside of a raincoat, I like it.

  7. Soon it will be time to bake a 30k subscriber's cake! congratulations!

  8. That's a groovy sweater! Went and got a Switch ….Zelda Bound.

  9. What a helpful video. Nintendo seems to always have a ton of accessories with their products.

  10. i love that sweater ahahaha, also be carefull with the last item the cd wallet. maybe they have improved over the years and id love to use em again if they did but back in the ps1 days i used to put my ps1 games in them and over time i found they started getting surface scratches on the disks from the cd case, i don't know if it was the material but i had a few different kinds and always same thing …… but that was the playstation 1 era so like i said it may have improved, just keep an eye on your disks ^^

  11. 🐥 At 5:06 you can see a duck FALL OUT of a tub! 😜 #Fallout

  12. Those switch game cases do look nice. The official Nintendo one I have actually kinda sucks. The games don't fit properly. So those Zelda ones are probably better. Thank you! I think I'll look into getting some.

  13. Cool stuff! I'll have to check out those cartridge holders since im currently using that hideous blue and white breath of the wild one.

  14. Hi dear Burberry girl and thank you for sharing your most precious Nintendo items with us!)) I am totally with you regarding those tiny cartridge cases – they are sooo useful! And that sweater looks great on you too)) Happy holidays!!

  15. Great video. You're so close to 30k subs! Please check my channel and let me know what you think.

  16. Best accessory for a Switch is a PS Vita, to play all those lovely PSN games while the Switch recharges 😝

  17. If there's ever a question to ask about the Switch, you're the go-to!

  18. I have that same Mario case. Shockingly I don't have a Pro Controller yet.

  19. I recommend Hori Cases they're $9.99 US and hold 24 games in one i have 2 about to buy my third one.

  20. The satisfye grip is great 🙂 I love it!

  21. you sound like a James Bond villian, good video

  22. You always look lovely but I especially like the way you did your makeup in this video!

  23. I need the Satisfy grip in my life! ❤️

  24. I will never understand how you can play all of these games? I play Spyro for an hour just to get through 1 level. I guess you are much faster lol. Anyway I think your great

  25. Those game cases are really nice!

  26. Nice Batman ugly holiday sweater. Does it come in Zelda?

  27. @ 4:15 I have something similar for my ds and 3ds games

  28. Excellent video as always 👍🏻

  29. Are you all caught up on my videos? All my Switch reviews are found in the description! ^^

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