These Mac Apps Are TOO GOOD To Miss!

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I’ve produced a LOT of movies with nice Mac app suggestions (see under) however I maintain discovering new Mac apps to inform you about! It is a really nice episode that is actually geared towards productiveness!

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My earlier Mac apps vids:

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– File Cupboard Professional – 7:32
– MotionVFX mBundle Movie Sponsored Point out – 8:43
– Wrap Up – 9:41

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  1. I refuse to pay for apps, Apple has had enough money out of me.

  2. What is that pad underneath the MacBook when you were flipping it? Great video 🤘

  3. Great tips! Btw, what's the name of the screensaver shown at 2:21?

  4. The last app’s problem can be solved by using multiple desktops. Just do the four finger swipe.

  5. Hey Chris! Where can I find the spiral lamp on your desk?

  6. Can we go back to 2010 when everybody made a 'Whats in my Dock'-videos. I liked those. :p

  7. I've been using Yoink for many years, also a file drag n drop shelf.

  8. Keep the videos coming. Question what super ultra-wide monitor are you using that we see at the beginning of the video? Also how it the text on the monitor? Thank you for your time and help.

  9. I'm about to get my first Mac ever when the new 13" models come out. You should make a video about making the switch in 2020, best apps for that, some common questions people have and just overall the best way to make it a nice smooth switch!

  10. 😂 "…what have view" totally laugh out loud, at my desk, at work.

  11. I’m scouring my Mac interface for the “Wut-Ha” view… 🙂

  12. So all this addons apps. Question. How do they interfere with battery life?

  13. Whats underneath ur macbook at the intro when u flip it?

  14. You did not just flip your MacBook like that…

  15. These are great apps but they don't top ur last list!

  16. Does PopDo have a global keyboard shortcut to easily access it?

  17. File Cabinet looks awesome! One thing I do a lot, is I CMD+Space -> Type File Name -> Drag it From Spotlight into Premiere/Photoshop Etc

  18. Your Mac apps episodes are the best on you tube Chris , keep them on

  19. “The icon view, the list view, and what have you.” I see what you did there. Lol

  20. Chris, what is that cool twisty desk lamp you are using? Want to get one for myself.

  21. Now the background looks so much better! Thanks dude it won’t hurt my eyes again

  22. Nice video thanks bro definitely gonna try a few of these out on my MacBook did you listen to 116s new song called “Live Forever” also happy 116 day!!! God bless dude

  23. Great video! Please keep it up with setups videos and more about how you use your mac

  24. the Mac OS X screensaver at 2:23 does anyone know where to get that?

  25. great videos but PLEASE…buy a dust cloth for your gear! My ocd is into overdrive! 🙂

  26. Are all of those apps FREE?

  27. I bought Gestimer and Dropover, thank you! Drop over is way better than Yoink by the way.

  28. Wow! Great List. File Cabinet Pro is definitely gonna save me some time, so I have to buy you a coffee for that one.

  29. Icon View, List View, What Ha-View was a solid joke.

  30. What’s the name of that lamp on your desk, the spiral one? 😃

  31. Hello, how you import icloud reminder into Due ? I tried to sync in Due app but its not working. Thanks

  32. Im so sinked in iPad OS that I almost forget about my Mac has apps.

  33. CheatSheet is a good Mouseless alternative. Plus it's FREE!

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