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Digital camera Gear
My Digital camera –
My Predominant Lens –
My Closeup and killer Bokeh lens –
Spare batteries and twin charger –
Mini Tripod –
Microphone –
GoPro –
Drone –

House Power
The Wattmeter that truly works! –
OWL+ Micro Power Monitor –
ECOWORTHY HVC-600 Inverter –

Micro Powerwall Enclosure –

The Energy Rack
LifePo4 190Ah cells – Contact me
Victron 800VA Inverter –
Chargery 3-8S Energetic balancing BMS –
Victron 100/20 Photo voltaic Cost controller –
MC4 Photo voltaic Panel Parallel Connectors –
MC4 5M Extension cables –
Purchase simply the rack –
12-24V 5 Port USB Energy Provide –
Photo voltaic Panel Mounting Brackets –
Low cost 4S BMS for Li-Ion –
Low cost 4S BMS for Li-Fe
Raspberry Pi 3 –
Raspberry Pi case –
Raspberry Pi 7 inch touchscreen & case –

The PTC Heater –
Bosch Drill Battery USB adapter/interface –
Bosch 18V 5Ah Excessive Energy Battery –
RAVPower Powerbank with in-built Inverter –

Twizy Stuff
Twizy heated seat pad –
Cool Twizy 12V Energy meter –
Twizy LED Facet Lights –

SDR Dongle –
GPD Win Mini Laptop –
Ring Doorbell –
GPS Tracker –
Ring Floodlight Digital camera –

BIKE STUFF (Up to date 2019!!!)
Mudhugger rear mudguard –
Mudhugger entrance mudguard –
Handlebar Mirror –
Pedals –
My Full Face Helmet –
My Goggles –
My Gloves –
E Marked Tail gentle system –

Funky suspension seat submit –
Entrance Tyre –
Rear Tyre –
Entrance fork – (want to decide on non tapered model for Trek Marlin 5)
1500W Motor equipment –
Loopy Headlight –
Entrance Brake –
Entrance Brake disk –
Undertaking field for controller & Wiring –


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  1. Completely unconnected to the video but noticed your amateur radio on the worktop. What is your call sign? Would be great to try and work you at some point.

  2. Great video as always andy. I will be purchasing these windows from you soon.
    Love the heater! Might give this a go as well 😎

  3. That Is Sweet & Great L@@Kin… Slick Lil eCar! Thanks Mate

  4. Now if Renault would release a model with a better range one of these could b quite good for work. Unfortunately I really need a far better range to be able to depend on a vehicle.

  5. Is there a way to get one of these cars without having to lease the batteries?

  6. It's illegal it have no covers over the wheels where are the mudguards

  7. Do you think you could fit one of those pads inside the seat upholstery? good vid as usual ,happy new year .

  8. Hi Andy hows the micro camper doing, just wondering how good the panel heater was. you did say there would be more on it but can't remember if there was a followup and was it infra red

  9. Despite what you may think DVSA don’t always know what they are talking about. It is an electric car not a quadricycle as you call it.

  10. I found this Place that Sells Electric TRANSAXLES.. Up to ( 2500Watt 48Volt )
    Many different Axles to Choose from..

  11. Great video, thanks Andy!!
    So tempted to get one of these for my commute. But I need more range… 35mi each way. When are you going to extend twizy's battery capacity? 😉

  12. Second-hand Twizys seem few and far between – should we be looking in the normal places? (AutoTrader, PistonHeads, eBay etc.) ?

  13. Those windows will definitely be better than the other ones. Look a good fit. Noticed all your keyboards in the vid. You make all your own music for the videos?

  14. Heya I find all this stuff interesting, and have starting modding myself, I wanted to ask you and others about getting official qualifications, or must have courses to complete, for knowledge and safety. For example I would like to be able to make my own batteries, add a circuit to an exsisting circut, increasing loads, everything to be honest.

  15. Great video Andy, would you mind if i share it on my website at ?

  16. I got the 2019 version of this Twizy, but i have a range problem. May i learn your cars avarage range?

  17. Renault really needs to build a second gen Twizy.. I drove it twice and I absolutely love it but the range is killing it for me (top speed of 80 kph is fine), I want to be able to visit my parents at 35 kms distance without need to charge there.

  18. How about the road trip with this setup & range ext? Your bug must do it 😉

  19. good stuff man! dont forget to buy a little bit Bitcoin.

  20. Wow, your car is next level. Excellent video and channel. Thanks👍

  21. Hey andy 👍🏻 i am trying to tee you and Robert Murrey Smith up for some twizzy fun . He is having a few troubles with the battery electrinics and i felt a bit of your support would be a good colaboration and good future content ! What do you say ? 🤗

  22. just received my korea-windows, packet looked like smashed but windows are fine 🙂

  23. The best accessory for the twizy is a peugeot ion also known as Citroën C0

  24. I am mainly wondering, how many people will use this video for serious purposes,

  25. The Twizzy is kinda shitty from factory… I guess. At least the video gives me the impression. But none the less good mods.

  26. Best Twizy accessory ………a metal compacter!!!

  27. Why does this car look like it has been pushed inside out? What is this?..

  28. I notice that the new windows seem to block out a fair bit more of the road noise as well. Wish we had the Twizy in the states

  29. Do you ship to Italy? What is the brand name of the Heater?

  30. Well done. Dose anyone know if you have to pay a monthly rental for battery still? 🇬🇧👍

  31. Great video. BTW, I got your track Good Luck from Apple Music after hearing it hear. It’s awesome. 👍

  32. Why the hell couldn't Renault put proper door with windows on the Twizy in the first place. Even the Korean improved window looks like a faff

  33. Is it even worth it buying a twizy it costs as much as a good car?

  34. 20:5821:20

    Me: this guys got some impressively quick maths skills


    Me: oh …

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