Prime Tech Below $50 (Jan 2020)

That is my Prime Tech Below $50 for the month of January 2020. I need to do the very best tech underneath $50 extra frequently so let me know what worth level you need to see subsequent and if you wish to see extra Cool Tech for the upcoming months. Prime tech underneath $100? Let me know if you wish to see extra prime funds tech! Greatest Finances tech is the best! Subscribe for extra cool tech devices in 2020.

Chamberlain MyQ Good Storage Door Opener:
Tworking Bear (worth adjustments consistently):
Amazon Echo Present 5: (not $50 however proven) :
Roku Premier 4K Streaming Stick:
Nomad 3-1 Kevlar Common Cable:
Spigen Wi-fi Charger:
Ravpower wi-fi charger battery financial institution (not the precise one):
Anker ROAV Bolt:
Phillips Hue Wi-fi Swap:

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Portion of this video is made in partnership with Chamberlain

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  1. Dude i don't want to roast you but half of this shit is useless

  2. I like your Apple logo…..🔥🔥👌👌🔥

  3. The garage one seems nifty I’ll cop

  4. I almost came becuz of the tworking 🐻

  5. Hi do you ever do English product's please.

  6. Great video. I never saw that Nomad device before and plan on getting one.

  7. No full frame dslr on the list? Dislike

  8. man got some serious drip behind him

  9. This is your own content video uploaded after a long time.

  10. I totally would not recommend the MyQ garage door opener. I got it off of Amazon and had to send it back. My house was built in 1997, yet my garage opener, manufactured in 1996, was too old to use it. Everyone tries to make this sound like an universal product, but honestly, its not.

  11. Incorrect information about the garage door opener. It is certainly NOT fully free to add to smart home. Their website lists "free for a limited time" and that they reserve the right to end the "freeness" at any point in time. Please update in your description so people don't purchase without realizing this, like I did before Christmas

  12. Lots of cool stuff.
    I like that Nomad 3-1 Kevlar Universal Cable. I've never used any Nomad product, but I hear lots of great things about them. I actually like to use a lot of Anker products. The Phillips Hue Wireless Switch seems like it'd be something that is affordable and easy to get into smart home tech.

  13. is the 3 in 1 Nomad cable in the link the exact same one in the video? I don’t see the lightening attachment via the amazon link…

  14. Was waiting this… anniversary coming through soon 👍👍

  15. Danny thanks man, this is an awesome video! I can really use the Chamberlain for my Grandmother who is at home and sometimes can't get to the (garage) door on time but uses her smartphone frequently.

  16. We need a bear that prevents forest fires, or at least tells us we can prevent them.

  17. I just had my garage door opener installed last week!

  18. I would love to see tech under $30 but no portable power banks. Challenge!

  19. Maybe a smart tech budget video.

  20. Picked this up was delivered same day great find do some more appreciated be blessed…

  21. Compare low end wireless earbuds versus high end wireless earbuds

  22. That was a good video and I recommend you to do a video of tech gadgets below $25. It would be better.

  23. What tech did you like best? Stay tuned to My social media 👀 Should I give this tech away there or here on YouTube? All tech shown is linked in the description so you can pick them up!

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