What's on my iPhone 11💜

Whats up everybody!! Welcome again to my channel! ♡

That is my what’s on my iPhone video! Hope you guys additionally perceive I did not open some apps attributable to privateness causes!




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  1. Your voice is absolutly beautiful 😍😍😍

  2. Let's be real here.

    I know you mostly have mobile games in your phone.

  3. Quizlet is a good app for flashcards. It should help since you are a nursing student. Good luck

  4. I understand you mean no harm and I don’t mean no harm either but why you Gotta say what’s on my iPhone 11 when you can just say what’s on my phone

  5. Dealing with being a student??? Wtf?

  6. This was so helpful thank you so much ❤️

  7. Can you please send me your address for a new one I was thinking about the other day please?!!

  8. How do u make a Memoji vid?!?! It’s so cool!!!!

  9. You know? A lot of ios user are not using google bcs they're think apps in ios was so complete . BUT I THINK YOU ARE THE PEOPLE THAT USE GOOGLE APPS A LOT IN IOS . I use android but i dont have the google apps lol

  10. You can use an app instead of using the generator so you don't have to go back and forth its called fonts

  11. TBH all the girls get a clear phone case

    Its ti showoff their colour

  12. She has the same wallpaper and color of my phone…! YES

  13. where are u find that beauty wallpaper? 😍

  14. How many GB does this Iphone have ?

  15. Never even thought about Pinterest for wallpapers!

  16. I love this, you gave me so many ideas on how to organise my phone, I have it organised already but I would like to have it in a fun way and something that looks presentable

    like making my own wallpaper
    organising my photos into albums
    and etc…

  17. i want the i phone 11 so bad !

    btw , my birthday is on 15/01/2007 which means it’s last week . and i got my first ever i phone ! it’s an i phone 6s . but , i must edit the software on my phone . and again , but i can’t update the “ download and install “ .. any idea how to update ? because everytime i pressed on it , it didn’t do anything 😭 and i wanted to update the software because this i phone is out of storage ( already ) 😭 !

  18. we have the same wallpaper now 🙂

  19. I always use your video to learn how to speak English smoothly and more like a foreigner 😂

  20. I wanted the purple but I had to get the green

  21. I activated the Apple TV on my iPhone 11 but you have to pay for everything don’t really get what you get for free

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