Hey guys! 🤗 Welcome again to my channel! On this video, I provide you with guys a glimpse into my day. I present you the whole lot from taking Ayla to high school, preparing for the day and filming for my Star Lash on-line merchandise. 💄💅🏽 I end off the night time at a piece occasion for Boohoo. It’s so exhausting leaving Ayla on my loopy busy work days, however I am so grateful for the time I do get to spend together with her. 💕 I hope you guys take pleasure in this video! ❤️ Do not forget to subscribe so you do not miss any movies! 🔔

Comply with Yris:
Comply with Ayla:

Produced by: Noire Pocket book Productions

Edited by: Cherry

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  1. What is the name of her intro song

  2. Thank you so much for showing us the real you! You are truly an inspiration. An excellent mother to Ayla. She’s so precious. 😇 Much love to you!!

  3. Can you do a q&a video with your husband??! Love your videos! Hard working mama🙌🏼💓

  4. Can you do a who knows me better video with your dad and your husband 😂 love you 💓


  6. Love this day in the life💗💗
    Btw u look gorgeous!

  7. Pay Attention To Your Baby Cries & Always Investigate Their Caregivers … Since They're So Young Its Hard For Them To Communicate 😊

  8. bring a star lash to Dallas, Tx!! know so many who’d go including me<3

  9. I would love to work at your studio 😍😍it’s so cute!

  10. My name is Aylaaaa toooo 😂😭

  11. I wish ur videos were one hour long cause there so amazing

  12. Loved this vlog!! Definitely do more in the future!! Your daughter is sooo cute.. She gets it from her mama!!

  13. I love how genuine all of your vlogs are. You make me feel like a boss ass mama too!!
    Sending you besitos 😘

  14. Love a boss babe! You are killing it Yris! Such an inspo for us latinas!!!

  15. Te pareces a selena, y tambien pareces colombiana, y no pude ver tu nena llorar tu partida me eche a llorar tambien 🤗😥

  16. Can't wait to see your lash products!

  17. Yes, more day in the life vlogs plz- definitely show work related stuff, it’s so inspiring! 💕💕💕

  18. i peeped the salvadorian music in the beginning lol

    any fellow salvi’s wanna support ya girl feel free 💓 i just started posting on my channel ☺️

  19. Omg yes yes yes I’m going to save up to take your class !!! I’m from RI ❤️

  20. This motivates me to work as hard as you do.. you’re truly an inspiration

  21. Great video!!! Your life seems so cool, can you do a video about your marriage and relationship with your husband???I saw the wedding on your insta it was beautiful your dress was gorgeous!!!

  22. Who owns Sev Laser?🤷🏻‍♀️

  23. I love how attached to you she is❣

    My daughter is the same, best feeling ever

  24. Yris is really one of the beautiful Salvadorian woman I’ve seen. She so perfect !

  25. Love that you support other self employed women 👏🏽👏🏽

  26. Yes vlog all the time!! Love your videos

  27. Thank you for sharing for video.. Your an amazing women!! Love your baby girl she's a cutie pie!! ❤

  28. I appreciate a hard working mother 🧡

  29. I love your vlogs ❤️ best regards from Germany

  30. Amo tu vibra y mas que eres latina!

  31. I just found your channel and i am absolutely in love! Please don’t stop vlogging!! So inspiring!

  32. I love your channel! All new youtubers subscribe for a subscribe? Let's help each other build and kick these algorithms ass LOL! Blessings to all!

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