How to Paint BABY YODA | Acrylic Painting Tutorial | Star Wars | MANDALORIAN

How to Paint BABY YODA | Acrylic Painting Tutorial | Star Wars | MANDALORIAN | Art | Time Lapse #33

How to Paint BABY YODA | Acrylic Painting Tutorial | Star Wars | MANDALORIAN | Art | Time Lapse #33

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Check out this amazing acrylic painting tutorial! This video shows how to paint with acrylics on canvas using various painting techniques.
It demonstrates step by step how to paint with brush, pipette and masking tape.

Do you ever wonder how to paint Baby Yoda? Often right? So this is your lucky day!
I guess you love Star Wars? Or actually who doesn’t? Mandalorian is absolutely amazing and I hope you enjoy the show as much as I do. So let’s put emotions away and get to painting.

I hope you enjoyed this video! It was very challenging painting and I am extremely happy it turned out awesome. The biggest challenge was to mix the right blueish yellowish green colour 🙂
Actually almost all the colours in this painting are mixed. I just tried and If the colour was not right I made it lighter or darker in next layer.
It was lot of work and took quite a few hours but if you like Baby Yoda try it!
It is actually kind of forgiving character so you can mess up a little and nobody will probably notice…
All you need is a canvas, couple of brushes and acrylic paints. I love acrylics because they feel professional, dry very fast and are much less messy compared to oil paints.

If you want to paint just for fun or you want to decorate walls at your home, abstract art is perfect choice. It gives you freedom in every direction!
You can choose any shapes, colours, textures as well as some deeper aspects like which feeling and mood will the painting radiate.

Usually the most challenging part is to come up with an idea… How to get ideas for painting?
Well, ideas are actually coming to us all the time and the secret is to not let them disappear.
I try to sketch them right away. Later I play with those ideas to figure out all the details and I usually paint when it starts to feel right.
It is amazing and joyful process and the final painting is often different from original idea but that is the beauty of it!

Painting in general has so many amazing benefits and abstract painting is awesome way to express yourself.
So wake up your inner artist and let it create something wonderful!

Painting in this video is 50 x 50 cm and the last layer, that gives the painting extra depth, is made from extruded polystyrene (XPS).

I hope you enjoyed watching!
Let me know in comments if you like this video and if you like contemporary art.

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