Satisfye Nintendo Change Grip Evaluate | SwitchGrip Professional VS SwitchGrip Lite!

For lots of people Grip Case Equipment for Nintendo Change and Change Lite are a should have. Satisfye is well-known for having essentially the most comfy Change grips however I hated their previous “Professional Gaming Grip”. So are their new SwitchGrip Professional and Change Grip Lite price shopping for? Completely. They’ve applied a ton of vital refinements that make these Change Grips among the many finest! Watch the evaluation to search out out extra. Affiliate hyperlinks for every thing talked about within the video are down beneath.

-SwitchGrip Professional (Common Change):
-SwitchGrip Lite (Change Lite):

•Cranium and Co Grip:
•Cranium and Co Thumb Caps:
•Mumba Battle Collection:
•Hori D-Pad Joycon:
•HomeSpot Bluetooth Adapter:

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  1. Im getting a custom painted switch and I'm worried that it will get scratches on the back should I get the grip?

  2. A bit off topic, but what video editor do you use?

  3. I'm tempted to get the new one but I might just wait for a sale since I still love mine and don't overly need an update. But it's got me curious for the improvements.

  4. I am back my phone broke and I got a knew has only been like 2 months

  5. I used the find controller feature and my stomach started vibrating

  6. Cool! I wanna get a custom skin for my switch!

  7. Shame they sponsor obese doxer ReviewTechUSA.

  8. Satisfye support some very disgusting people though sponsorship, shady business.

  9. I got the switch grip pro for Christmas and I live it

  10. Totally agree, I love my SwitchGrip Pro grip. I can’t play in handheld without it! Keep up the great work Adam, just added ya on Switch!

  11. I would get these but they are kind of expensive and big. It wouldn't fit in my case and I really don't want to spend $50 on a big case. Great vid!

  12. great content man, when it comes to purchasing accessories for the switch there are just so many different manufacturers of specific items its hard to know and tell which is a better buy or better for the particular person. keep up the great videos!

  13. Hey Adam I've been gone a while but I don't have time to explain why. Just please remember me and my family, thanks.

  14. You should review the satisfye minigrip pro! It's a really awesome accessory for docked mode! I feel like that would be awesome.

  15. This is probably the best review on these I've seen. Great video man. You keep making em, I'll keep watching.

  16. I really like this channel and how you review many grips. Thank you just subbed 😊

  17. I’m going to buy skull&co’s grip because is is cheaper and it has free shipping world wide. The nearest destination for the satisfye elite bundle is the us, and I live in Europe. I need to pay $30 just for fees and $55 for the product itself.

  18. Does it come with storage for games?

  19. Good vid love your channel 👍 keep doing good always be yourself to😁

  20. Wish I would win this time lol I’m Princess Agustin Vlogs btw hope you’ll remember

  21. I know you said in the video but does the new grip work with Dbrand skins? I have the old grip and tried to use it with the skins and it already added scuff marks on both of my joycon skins.

  22. I like the SwitchGrip Pro. Though, I don't really know what to say about the rubber pads that come along with the package. I think they're OK if you want to relieve stress on the thumb sticks, but I don't necessarily see any other reason for using them very much. And about the USB-C cable that also comes with the grip, is it safe? I heard a lot of reports about unlicensed and low quality USB-C cables that could mess up the Nintendo Switch. What can be said about the Satisfye USB-C cable?

  23. I unfortunately really don’t like the satisfy grip. The right side bothers me. It just doesn’t feel right

  24. Been reports with Satisfye again with the Switchlite grip leaving marks people really need to stop buying a Satisfye

  25. How do u rate this satisfye grip vs mumba blade/battle case? Which one will u prefer?

  26. The point of using silicone is so it keep the device secure inside if they use micro fiver Cloe that will be super slippery and fall of all the time

  27. Make cool more videos like this thanks sure come in handy I might get a switch grip.

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