home looking with my mother

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On this video come together with my mother and I as we seek for our new home!

watch the primary home looking vlog right here:

Luna Montana


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Enterprise Inquiries: lunamontana@choose.co
Age: 18
The place I reside: Los Angeles, CA


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  1. I love this type of content, Luna!!! Keep at it 😍😍😍 you’re doing amazing sweetie xxxx

  2. Luna, you look great, as usual, but you sound terrible! I know you’ve said you’d been sick, but you need to get well. It makes me sad to think you’ve been sick for such a long time. I hope you’re feeling okay, or at least better!! 😕

  3. the first house is soooo pretty omg<333

  4. house #1 is my dream house to raise a family in

  5. not to be dramatic but I literally live for luna's videos

  6. I'm only a few minutes in, but i love you mum and i love that she isnt cringy about being in vlogs! Thanks for sharing Luna <3

  7. And now I've watched the whole thing 🙂 love your videos, thanks again for sharing!

  8. Your mom is so cute!! 😍😍😍

  9. I liked both homes. Check out estately.com because it shows you sooo much about each home and they have everything your realtor has. Happy house hunting!!

  10. Check deeply for black mold. It can wreck your entire life. Thankyou.

  11. I really like that first house really cute house <3

  12. I loved the first one. It was so unique ❤❤❤

  13. The first one really was unique. Hope you get it ☺️
    Ps your mom is beautiful

  14. Was thinking of you yesterday & checked on you, but no video. Good to see you back. Hope you are doing better.

  15. I love the second house it’s amazing ❤️

  16. I love your intro so much!😍😍

  17. You are the very young version of your mom

  18. Your mother has such a cute danish accent ♥️ I hope you'll find your dream house soon ♥️

  19. Hearing your moms accents makes me so happy ☺️ My grandmother passed away last year and she had a thick Danish accent so hearing your mother talking reminds me of my grandma ❤️❤️

  20. thumbnail is literally a rich flex

  21. the first house was so stunning

  22. Honestly I love everything about Luna and her videos but her intro…..I can not hear or see it anymore

  23. Thinking one of the rooms in the first house could be a ballet studio🙌🏻 Thank you for the Skillshare link!

  24. What neighborhood was the first house in? Love that view!

  25. is your mom from another country?

  26. ok just read the comments is she danish lol

  27. the first house looks perfect for you!!

  28. ‘MOM?! ‘IT’S TANGERINE!’

  29. You got the first one wohooo 🤸🤸
    Congrats Luna and mom 💕

  30. Who's back to see what house she bought!!

  31. She bought the first house yay!!! Congrats that gorgeous!

  32. why do you need a whole house for yourself? wouldn’t an apartment be enough?

  33. is it just me or does Luna give off major awesome big sister vibes?

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