Prime 5 Nintendo Swap Native Multiplayer Video games – Record and Overview + NINTENDO SWITCH GIVEAWAY!

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We’re beginning off 2020 with our Prime 5 Favourite Nintendo Swap Native Multiplayer and Co-op video games!


01:10 – #5: Marvel Final Alliance 3: The Black Order
02:36 – #4: Trine: Final Assortment
03:47 – #3: Kirby Star Allies
04:56 – #2: Mario Kart eight Deluxe
06:19 – #1: Tremendous Smash Bros. Final


● Nintendo Swap v2 HAC-001(-01):

● Nintendo Swap Lite:

★ Tremendous Smash Bros. Final:

Mario Kart eight Deluxe:

Kirby Star Allies:

Trine: Final Assortment:

Marvel Final Alliance 3: The Black Order:

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  1. You could've just said Super Smash Bros Ultimate 5 times 😉

  2. River city girls is pretty good with a buddy at your side too!!!

  3. I bought smash bros ultimate on amazon and it should arrive tomorrow, I can’t wait to finally play it properly!

  4. 3:53 Kirby falls into the laid back category
    laughs in the true arena

  5. U.S. only. So Asian can't emter huh

  6. Nice one.. dont forget rayman legends!! Absolute family fun !!

  7. The giveaway is open to all ages
    Me – yay
    *Starts to go find the link
    For people in the US only
    Me – Nooooo

  8. Don't forget the Mario & Sonic Olympic 2020.

  9. When he said "US only."
    I died inside 💀

    Great video 👍😂

  10. I was so disappointed when I heard it was US only…

  11. The best multiplayer game is ANIMAL CROSSING

  12. I just subbed, love your videos.

    By the way, will your April fools 2020 video be a joke review on the fake switch xL?

  13. Nice list! Overcooked, Boxboy, Snipperclips, and Mario Maker are all great to play with friends locally.

  14. Sadly they dont ship to Indonesia so I cant get a nintendo switch

  15. I've been watching for the last year and I really enjoy your videos. Also i like how generous you are too bad i can't take part in this giveaway cause i leave in europe i wanted to get a nintendo switch for years. anyways good luck to all the american viewers!!!

  16. 100k!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 💯 💯 💯 💯

  17. Wow! It’s my first time seeing you review games instead of accessories! Nice. Will trying playing through these local multiplayer games in my channel. Started to feature the gameplay of multiplayer games. At least I can now consider Top 3-5. 1st up will be Smash Bros in a few hours after editing.

  18. Where the fuck was Castle Crashers

  19. Hey guys why don’t you do a game giveaway? As I’m running low on games to play and they’re expensive?

  20. i wish nintendo made BETTER GAMES

  21. Please shat me out I love your voice

  22. Congratulations on hitting 100k subs hope u have a wonderful future

  23. Nice video! Thanks for recognizing the excellent Trine series. That series seems to fly under the radar and I appreciate you putting it on this list.

  24. Smash Bro., Guacamelee, Stardew Valley (with two Switches for local), Unravel 2, Mario Kart, Lego City Undercover, Box Boy, Tiny Barbarian, Enter the Gungeon, Overcooked, Putty Pals, Muddledash, Inverses, Clusterpuck

  25. You’re house looks awesome , and your kids are so lucky

  26. WE'RE ABOUT TO HIT 100k SUBSCRIBERS🎉 Going to setup a Live Stream tomorrow after work right here with Kayt to celebrate and we have an update video in the works too! Also, HUGE thanks to UniKeep who reached out to us and wanted to setup this Giveaway! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

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