What’s the finest present on your spouse? (MACBOOK AIR and BOOTS)


My husband gave me “MACBOOKAIR” and I bought “New BOOTS FOR WINTER”.
Thanks a lot to my husband for making me joyful as all the time and perpetually.I really like you a lot and extra surprises to every of us.


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  1. That’s cool MacBook perfect size not too big and very comfy white boots. Just heard you sing a while ago nice one.

  2. Oh wow swerte mo naman sis sa hubby mo.

  3. BONGGA TO!!! Lab et!!! 😘😍🤗

  4. Wow!Nice gift sis lovely family apir tayo jan!

  5. Ang gandang gift mac book air and boots. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Wooow Nice computer sissy god bless

  7. Wow! ang ganda ng macbook at boots mo. Mahal siguro yan.

  8. Nice laptop and white boots.. enjoy sis

  9. Such a nice gift. Thanks for sharing. God bless.

  10. Congrats sis.nice present.sana all bibigyan n santa ng gift.

  11. wow sosyal ng gift, yng mapaglumaan mong laptop akin na lang,he,he,he. God bless your channel.

  12. ganda ng mga gift , lucky wife. happy life happy wife 🙂

  13. he must be so fortunate hubby to have you.

  14. Hello new friend here let's connect thanks for the video full watch here for you thanks

  15. Hi ! Wish to have like that in my birthday. Loptop for my vlog 🥳

  16. Wow very nice gift! Thank for sharing!

  17. such a nice gift po..love the boots….ang swerte po ninyo ate

  18. wishing to have one as well for editing our vids

  19. Very nice Upload my Friend Thank you For Sharing

  20. ganda ng gift!!! may pa macbook, sakto pang PA at boots! perfect sa winter!

  21. ang ganda naman ng gift macbook air pa naman

  22. Love the boots but i love more the macbook

  23. Aiwa super great gift sis..new friend thanks

  24. Uy Ganda Yan sis love it Sana all may gift

  25. Wow ang gandang regalo salamat po sa pag share

  26. Bless your kind heart dear Husband.

  27. wow naman ang ganda naman nyan mahalin pa

  28. Hello, I have a MacBook and I love it and I am thinking about purchasing another on for the house. Thank you for sharing I am sure you are going to love it.

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