$20 TECH You NEED in 2020!

As we come into 2020, here is my high tech suggestions for under $20!
As at all times, you will have an opportunity to win one thing from todays episode 🙂

Tech Checklist
Apple Watch Straps:
Nato Straps:
Google Nest Mini:
Logitech Pebble:
USB Hub:
Mini Tripod:
Funko Pop:

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  1. Who else’s google home went off

  2. And you see my problem is that I got a google home and I got a Alexa as a Xmas gift so I have both and like it’s kinda annoying when they get set off 😂

  3. I really like the google nest mini since it is really eco friend and I am trying to be eco friendly

  4. A google nest mini would be nice to have. Thank you for this video Karl!

  5. My entry:

    Google nest mini
    Ig: Jorge.capture

  6. My favorite thing is that Mario cartridge notebook. Where did you find that?

  7. The notebook is a design out of this world, & the google nest mini looks pretty way cool. nice tech to start the year

  8. That Google Nest Mini is a good and simple smart home upgrade.

  9. White DBRAND skin would look nice on my used MacBook that has dents on it 😂

  10. 20 dollar techs…… iPhone 11 Pro and MacBook on table…… 20 dollars?

  11. I would love the Logitech m350 or the quiet usb c hub, great video and happy new year!

  12. Hello first video I've seen from you and you have great videos!!!

  13. I’d love a skin for the iPhone xmax!

  14. My entry: Google Nest Mini
    Really would like a Google assistant and speaker as I don't have one yet!


  15. Wow my google home said it was not going to be sunny in Toronto today either

  16. The toys literally are so fing cute!!! Lol

  17. My entry:

    Google home mini

  18. No more google nest mini on amazon 🙁

  19. Wow everything in this video was great but i loved those Notebooks

  20. Damn I didn’t know Canadians were into football (soccer), that’s pretty cool 😀

    United will finish top 4 though don’t worry 😉

  21. How did you get that dbrand skin on the iphone 11 pro? I don't see it on its website.

  22. Been wanting to buy a google nest for my bedroom and would love to win !

  23. My Entry: Nest mini because Google is better than Alexa 😉

  24. My entry:

    Google home mini

    Thanks so much! Love your clean videos!
    Ig: vinh_lq

  25. I would really like the google nest mini

  26. The wall USB port hubs! Those would be great for traveling!

  27. Look at the Lenovo 600 wireless ergonomic mouse for 12$

  28. DBrand skins are my favorite. I have the black carbon fiber skin on all of my devices

  29. My entry is the Google nest mini because I still don't have one 🙂

  30. my google home turned on and said the weather when you said hey google

  31. He guys I found a cheap way to save money, buy things you need not things you want

  32. Hi Karl, 1st time I have seen you!! It looks like you have some nice stuff. I have watched your video and hopefully, I will see you next week or two, hopefully! Just started 2 E-commerce companies and I am sure you know, where I am, in just getting started.

  33. IDK if u linked the wrong link but the USB hub in the description wasn't mentioned in the video

  34. This is for all of you broke peeps bugging me that you can't afford any of the stuff in my vids… JKS haha – It does get harder to find tech for under $20, but hopefully some of these will save your wallet. Enjoy!

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