all the garments i obtained for the brand new yr!!

hey guys so in at this time’s video i present you some garments i’ve gotten not too long ago/have by no means proven!! i have not completed a haul shortly so i hope you preferred it 🥰 additionally thanks guys a lot for 34,000 subscribers i might’ve by no means thought that many individuals would wanna watch my movies so thanks so a lot 💗💗

social media ~
instagram : abby.gigliotti

✰ widespread questions ✰
age – 17
digital camera – canon g7x
enhancing software program – imovie
thumbnails – picmonkey

thanks a lot for watching 🌟


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  1. Please make a part two on ur boy video I have questions

  2. I might be brainwashed… but girl why’d you look like Charli Damelio for a sec?

  3. i want to start my youtube but i'm kinda scared. when did you start? also i love your videos xo 😘

  4. her: “literally this morning it was 19 degrees”


    btw ilyy ❤️❤️

  5. Abby is going to be next big YouTuber. Remember this comment lol
    I recently discovered her channel and I’ve been binging her videos lol

  6. They give u presents for New year ??


  7. Cool & Comfy Collection! With that brightly-colored Sweater, you could almost be a female Joseph – "Josephine's Sweater-of-many-Colors." May your week continue smoothly and pleasantly, Abby. Please note that tomorrow is "National Bagel Day" and "National Kombucha Day." It's also "Humanitarian Day." So, have fun with those. Blessings to you and yours…

  8. I was early bc I was bawling my eyes out…. love that

  9. You’re so beautiful💙 great video👍

  10. ur outfit is very 60s i love it!

  11. am I the only one that thinks she kinda looks like Blair Waldorf from gossip girl in this video lmao! She's so prettyyyy and headbands suit u so much! :)<3

  12. 🥳🥳🥳Congratulations on 35k Abbi! 🥳🥳🥳

  13. I lovveee your plaid top where is it from

  14. You should do a what’s on my iPhone video and a room your!!!!!!!

  15. omg hope this doesn’t sound weird but ur voice is so calming 🥺

  16. that striped, colourful sweater is actually soo cute I love it

  17. that cheetah bucket hat is actually the cutest thing i’ve ever seen i need it

  18. Could you please stop using my intro without credit? It's frankly quite disrespectful. Don't wanna take this as far as copyright striking but this is truly insulting.

  19. been here since 19k, now you're at 40.1k good job abby :))

  20. Where is your phone case from in the other vid?

  21. hi Abby!! I love your channel so much! You so kind, sweet, and cute!! Ahh 🙂

  22. You inspired me to get more clothes loll

  23. Do a girls answer questions boys are afraid to ask

  24. Ur smiling so much it’s so wholesome

  25. I found u yesterday and I don’t watch YouTube much but u make me wanna watch it ❤️❤️

  26. I Just saw a few of your videos and then Went to your ig and you like Taylor Swift! Yes girl, now i stan you haha

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