Presents That Modified My Life

By which John discusses the inefficiency, oddness, and occasional magnificence of the human follow of unusual one another with items.

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  1. Hey, Im a college student in oregon

  2. Without going into the whole story of how this happened I ended up getting a free weighted blanket from a co-worker and it is one of the best things in the entire world whether it is the world on the back of a turtle or the world beneath our feet. It's the perfect combination of warmth and comfort and I just want to walk around with it all day and now I want like three more so I can have one on each couch and maybe another one that I can keep in my car and then maybe another one I can keep at my parents house for those holiday visits. I love it so much

  3. I'm watching this from under a weighted blanket. My mother made it for me before they were priced in a more financially accessable way. I've had it for over a decade and it's still a prized possession.

  4. I'm so glad you're finding a weighted blanket helpful. It's been so helpful for my patients, especially those with fibromyalgia and/or PTSD.

  5. I'm watching this while using a weighted blanket and a heated blanket at the same time. This is true happiness.

  6. As a weighted blanket user… YES!!!!
    It lessens my anxiety so fast and allows me to be 'calm' instantly
    Plus even if the world is still on the turtle… at least the weighted blanket can keep me at ease.

  7. This was a much less philosophical video than I expected and it was a very entertaining surprise

  8. Whenever I hear “world on a turtle”, I think of Discworld.

  9. My parents got me a weighted blanket for Christmas, and holy mother, do I love that thing. My brother and I bonded over it – apparently, his partner is in the process of making one for him! It's been so soothing for my anxiety disorder.

  10. When I first went to Edinburgh I asked my sister for advice on what to see and do there (because she had been before). One of the things she told me was that the sky was very close to the ground in Edinburgh, and I sort of thought she was crazy until I got there and found that the sky was indeed precariously close to the ground. I’ve never heard anyone else note this before, so thanks John 🙂

  11. Can someone explain the point of a weighted blanket to me? Blankets, in my experience, are heavy enough on their own to do the one thing I ask of them.

  12. That was just great!

    It has the same ideas as purposefully getting lost on vacation.
    I can’t do it though.
    I must maximize this short time I have on this earth.
    I scour blogs and books and videos for other unique lives that I can live.
    Pack in the most bang for my buck.
    I am greatly saddened by duds,
    things that do not amaze, so I work very hard to avoid that.
    My reddit gifts both ways felt like duds.
    How can this algorithm to match gift-givers be improved was my only thought.
    I probably won’t join again.
    I can’t go on vacation and get lost.

  13. In Asian cultures we are very efficient with red envelopes!!

  14. My Secret Santa still hasn't send anything, I got rematched on the 1st of January and my rematcher also still didn't send anything yet … patience is killing me by now.

  15. Weighted blankets are anything BUT awful. : )

  16. Hey if anyone knows what mike is doing, other than his podcast, instead of idea channel, I would love to know.

  17. I am in love with the phrase "blessed Day of the Blanket"

  18. I'm lead under my weighted blanket

  19. John had to give away the answer at the end because Hank couldn't figure out the theme of the question tuesday

  20. The gift that keeps on giving? I thought that was herpes!

  21. I have heard so many great things about weighted blankets. They can help calm people with anxiety, autism, or other neuroatypical experiences. They can release a similar chemical behavior in your brain to that of being hugged or held by a loved one. They are great and I want one too some day.

  22. If you still talk with Mike, let him know we miss Idea Channel and hope he is doing great.

  23. Care to share the brand of weighted blanket? I have one and I like the weight but it's a bit garbage and the seams are coming undone so the weight isn't distributed equally anymore and it's all quite annoying. Yours look much nicer.

  24. "Where the perpetually grey sky is extremely close to the ground" is exactly the description for midwest winter that I never knew I needed

  25. I love my weighted blanket so much. It's the very best for winter cozy sleeps.

  26. "See the TURTLE of enormous girth! On his shell he holds the earth. His thought is slow but always kind; He holds us all within his mind. On his back all vows are made; He sees the truth but may not said. He loves the land and loves the sea, And even loves a child like me"

  27. Omg it’s so cool seeing you further back in the room wtf

  28. The only downside I've found with my weighted blanket was the beads moving sounded like hissing to my cat so he tried to fight it. It was wild watching him beat up a blanket that weighs more than him.

  29. Just looking at John swaddled in a weighted blanket makes me feel better.

  30. I relocated to Prague recently; and I was delighted to see, when visiting a bookstore with books in Czech, John's books, including The Fault in Our Stars, translated and taking up a good amount of space next to books by such giants as Hermann Hesse.

  31. John delightedly swaddled in the weighted blanket he didn't know he needed is the purest thing to ever happen on this channel

  32. My mother also gets me a Liverpool shirt every year . . .

  33. Turns out weighted blankets are a little more than I thought….

  34. I got a heated mattress pad for Christmas. This thing is amazing, so cozy. Not something I would have ever bought for myself

  35. I know this sounds insane, but turning off my wifi at night had an immediate impact on substantially reducing my anxiety.

  36. in my opinion gifts are only good for kids .. when u get older it is just a useless hassle giving and receiving is shit …

  37. My mom actually makes weighted blankets by hand and sells them! they're great for anxiety and kids (or adults) with mental disorders, or for anyone who likes to relax! . She made me one about a year ago to help me with my mild anxiety and it literally changed my life, so comfy and so satisfying.

  38. I also got a weighted blanket for Christmas and it has absolutely changed my life. I sleep so much better and it's helped me when I'm absolutely panicking. My husband just laid it on top of me after my dog died and I couldn't stop crying. It helped me breathe. Also, we did some irrational gift giving. This year, I ordered a stuffed animal porg for a friend who adores them and it cost a ridiculous amount and shipped from the Ukraine, but the reaction was more than I hoped for, so go inefficient gift giving.

  39. My husband made that turtle!!! We loved corresponding with your father about the purchase. He loved that I am a librarian and love your books!

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