What’s in my TECH TRAVEL BAG? 2020 Version!

A brand new 12 months brings a brand new Tech Journey Pack. Listed below are the most effective Tech Journey Equipment for 2020. That is the tech that I am bringing to CES 2020 to cowl the showroom ground!

Tech Record

Peak Design Bag:
Aer SF Bag:
Sony A7R3:
Sony A73 (My advice):
Sony 16-35 Lens:
Sony 24-70 Lens:
16” MacBook Professional:
HP Spectre:
Logitech MX Grasp 3:
iPhone 11 Professional Max:
DBRAND Case or Pores and skin:
iPhone Battery Case:
Sony Headphones:
AirPods Professional:
four Port USB Hub:
Pocket book:

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Snapchat: karl.conrad

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  1. How much orange you need in your life?
    Karl: Yes

  2. So you have a separate laptop for ‘meetings’ and ‘emails’?

  3. thanks for the links, you have too much smile for me to bare watching 😉

  4. the book of sneakers where at buy ? thank

  5. Pulls out Off-white kicks. Stuntin' on em'. lol

  6. Nice. This was actually a good idea to detail what you may need for traveling. Gonna take some tips from this for my own video too lol.

  7. Do you smoke a joint before every single episode? Your "on the brink of bursting out laughing" smile is annoying as hell. Can you just talk normally while discussing the things you're reviewing? Your reaction and expressions have to be some of the fakest shit I've ever seen on youtube. Your level of excitement for every single video is like this next product will cure cancer! I guess it works for you with 500k subscribers but man is it ever disingenuous! Keep on smiling CON-rad

  8. How does Canons color science compare to Sony's?? I'd love to see you actually try to identify and describe the differences between the two without your blanket statement. I realize that's probably out of the scope of your intellect but you seem to love to throw that statement around like it it's something you've analyzed on your own. Canon's color science is absolute garbage compared to RED or ARRI or even Sony's new color science. Canon has overwhelmingly magenta skintones that are incredibly difficult to match unless you're shooting a project that is entirely Canon!

  9. THE MAC WALLPAPER! anywhere to find?

  10. how can you buy so much .I dont think ist only YouTube ,please can you make a Video for this category

  11. Come visit the Netherlands ( incl. Amsterdam) ! Our national colour is orange, so heaven for you!

  12. Would be a great video to know more about your watches!

  13. happy new stay blessed and my favourite is hp spectre.

  14. 1:04 – You mentioned 30L but they dont have that on their site…
    is it the 20L? i like the size you have.

  15. Where did you buy the water bottle. I couldn’t find it in the links. Thank you:)

  16. How does the HP laptop go with editing and gaming?

  17. Can you provide me yours RIP MacBook 15 please please.
    Love from me to u

  18. Anyone know where he got the water bottle from

  19. Where to get those Iron Man Water Bottle?ahaha

  20. It was very helpful! I also have an AER bag! It is a favorite very much. Thank you in the future.

  21. hey when you said "Phones!" the slide said laptops on it

  22. New year's resolution…


  23. The next decade starts next year. 2020 is the final year of the this decade.

  24. Where did you get the water bottle?

  25. Suttle flex with the offwhite vapormax 🤓

  26. FIRST VID OF 2020 IS LIVE! Hope you all had an awesome New Years – I'm uploading this as I'm hung over in bed hahaha. Let's crush 2020 just like we did last year and can't wait to share some of the special news I have planned. Let me know if there are any vids you want to see happen in 2020 and thanking you guys again for all of the support! ❤️

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