7 Issues You Didn’t Know Your iPad Professional Might Do!

What’s going on guys! I preserve discovering good little tweaks that improve my general ipad expertise and needed to share it with you!

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  1. Thank you for sharing this knowledge!

  2. Please speak more slowly and enunciate your words. You jumped from your discussion of photos to Notes without pausing. It took a few words to realize you had made the change. At another point, you moved away from your microphone making it harder to understand you st the fast pace at which you speak. I enjoyed your information though and keep up what you are doing.

  3. Thanks for this.. 👍🏻✌🏻

  4. I use slide over view for messages, spotify, and photos. Photos is there so I can easily move them into files.

  5. Wow man great Tips! Love the video!

  6. The iPad interface is now so flexible. I use most of those at some time and the slide over a lot for reference apps. What I had to use my phone or another device before, I now use in slide over

  7. Thanks for sharing! I knew some of these but not all. Helpful tips for sure!

  8. As always great job man. Multitask helps a lot. iPad is getting better and better.

  9. Wow! I just “complained” to my wife that the iPad notes should have the gallery view like on the MacBook…. and today you showed me IT IS available on PadOS! Thank you!

  10. Nice information thank you👍🏽

  11. I’m always misplacing my Pencil. Roll on when Apple makes it beep!

  12. Really enjoy the pace of this video. No messing. Straight in and no boring pre-amble. 👍

  13. Try and listen to yourself on this video. Maybe you should buy a wired microphone, because this sounds awefull, don't you think? 🙂

  14. THANK YOU this was so informative. Really helpful and easy to understand

  15. Are you filming in a hallway or something? The echo is soo bad and please change your wallpaper eek🤮😂

  16. maybe the first is useful, the rest is either useless or the same thing as 1st

  17. How did you get your mouse connected to your iPad Pro? 😳🤯

  18. Im not completely sold on the mouse use on the iPad, I’ll need to give it a try, just wish they had a pointy cursor. Thanks for the good tips

  19. How are you doing this screen recording

  20. Great tip. I didn’t know about the scann doc from the files app.

  21. wait for new ipad pro or buy this 1?

  22. Can you do multi tasking with two excel spreadsheets? I can’t figure it out

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