Palms-On: Invisible USB-C Hub for MacBook Air/Professional! [Sponsored]

Preorder the DGRule Invisible USB-C hub 33% off retail value:

My 🎥🎙🖥gear:
– Sony A6300:
– Sony FE 28MM F2:
– Beyerdynamic FOX Mic:
– Feiyu AK2000 Gimbal :
– RodeLink Wi-fi Lav:
– Blue Yeti:
– MacBook Air:
– Mac Mini:


Background tracks by DJ Grumble:

FCPX Plugins by MotionVFX:
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  1. I don’t think Invisible means, what you think it means. 😂

  2. Damn this channel really went down hill.

  3. Mhnmm not already in stores, looks bulky, is expensive… Invisible? Nope. How about transfer speeds?

  4. Sacrifice 2 usb c ports in 2020 for usb a? Thumbs up …. worst business model award

  5. Does anyone else recognize this guys voice? I guess he switched to macs after the build your own pc fiasco.

  6. Why does this only have one type-c. Ok, you are charging it. Now where do I plug my other type-c device in? 😂

  7. I’m ok with this video. Anyone to bring a new dock or hub to market to make these crippled devices a little easier to use is fine by me. I loathe the dongle.

  8. Wow that is so invisible that its the most visible part now 😛

  9. Is that a mini display port – wow welcome to 2005 ? Being sponsored by the company for the video does nothing for your credibility whatsoever

  10. This product looks so ugly and impractical to use. So you lose 2 TB3 ports for a bunch of USB A? No thanks! It's 2020, people already moved on and invested in USB C peripherals!
    Just get a TB3 hub that you can easily attach to the side of your Mac from Satechi or other vendor. Cheap, does the job, looks great and actually portable.

  11. A great idea, but as with all of these cordless attached hubs, forget about a protective case for your MacBooks

  12. It negates the purpose of a "thinner" and "streamline" laptop when you have to buy aftermarket parts for it to work.

  13. It’s missing m.2 slot and coaxial digital out via the 3.5mm. (the m.2 would be super helpful since that’s keeping me from buying the newer macbook versions w/ soldered SSD and w/o backup connector – can’t lose my data).

  14. Im so confused. So you are using 4 thunderbolt 3 ports… but you only get one thunderbolt at the end..? Why…?

  15. This channel is such a tool.. unsubscribed.

  16. The name of the product is the “Invisible hub” so that is what it is called here.

  17. Clean your Mac before taking video… So dirty

  18. Still sucks that you have to add ports to an already expensive device.

  19. $99!??? WAY OVERPRICED. And I wonder how many Volts/Watts are pass through for the USB-C.

    There are better, smaller, and cheaper multi-port dongles on Amazon.

    Also no color option for gold.

  20. I liked that backpack … what's the make?

  21. Do you edit on your MacBook Air? External GPU? I’m thinking of buying one for 3D rendering in an afterthought of a job handed to me from a friend after my 2019 MB Air purchase. Just curious of your set up.


    This is something Apple should have given in-built in the machine, especially for the premium that we pay. And these guys are NOT even open to feedback, they keep the comment section locked for most of their videos!

  23. Invisible, Nah .. its Prosthetic Hub for Mac's missing limbs.

  24. Needs one more Thunderbolt 3 port and swap the HDMI for a DP port and it will start to compete

  25. Sad that the ports aren't on the side anymore… but still looks good!!

  26. Still needs an Ethernet port – typed from my 2012 MacBook Pro

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