10 Insecurities MOST "Good Wanting" Guys Have! (GIRLS HATE THIS)

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On this video males’s model, grooming, health and way of life knowledgeable, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM AaronMarino Pete & Pedro Tiege Hanley ENEMY says you might be superb and unbelievable — regardless the way you’re feeling and what’s happening in your life. All of us endure from insecurities, however the way you take care of them is the distinction between you kicking ass and never residing as much as what you’re able to.

Large Insecurities ALL Kinds of Males Expertise
Package deal dimension
Poor efficiency within the bed room — porn will not be actuality
Top — it’s not a handicap and never an excuse
Physique — you may change this
Hair loss — it’s a confidence killer however you may change it
Being susceptible — displaying feelings makes you actual and trustworthy
Admitting you need assistance & getting it — there’s not cause to endure. Get assist!
Profession + cash you make — they’re tied to your identification. If you’re not the place you need to be, make it occur.
Your vital different dishonest


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  1. Don't worry, I'm insecure about being too tall, haha!

  2. Alpha male : the daddy we always needed but weren’t aware of ….. what a goddamn legend

  3. This is the best video for me so far. You summed me up and I didn't realize I had some of these issues. Thanks Alpha!

  4. Wait I’m the same height as Alpha 😳 short dudes represent!!!

  5. 5ft 6in is short???? I'm 5ft 3, so I'm guessing that's midget size right?

  6. Whenever I'm feeling down all it takes is Alpha telling me that im amazing

  7. this videos are sometimes very funny, Aaron, you have several skills of an actor

  8. You have the charisma and energy to be an actor.

  9. Can u like this comment ?
    The most likes I ever got is 5 !Thank You:)

  10. Well actually now they can change your height,if you have the money of course!

  11. Whenever I'm having a bad day I just come to Alpha's channel. It never fails to bring me back-up and sky rocket my confidence. Thank you sir!

  12. Alpha has been out here for the longest time dropping game, absolute knowledge, for free…. great work you’re doing alpha idc how corny it sounds the issues you address are the issues people torment themselves over bc they don’t have answers, but here you are.

  13. Hey Aaron, far stretch, but you’ve changed my life over the last 5-6 years, so meeting you would be a great thing, pizza for 30 minutes?The best Marietta pizza on me😁

  14. Tip #10 has changed my life. I feel less worried overall over something I really don’t have 100% control over. Now my focus is putting in my best in a relationship and if that ends up not being enough, then it wasn’t meant to be.

  15. I float in and out of watching consistently, but it's really nice to see Alpha being consistently positive over here. Feels like coming home to dad

  16. You should make a video about how to get over a brake-up

  17. I feel like being short puts extra weight on how you act both negative and positive attributes. I feel like people see me acting in different ways succonciously assume that it's a coping thing so if they see me explain or show knowledge i feel i get way faster and more often then not put into cunning and smart category then if my taller peer would do it.

  18. I started watching Alpha right before the New Year and I can't stop. This guy is great and his words are wisdom

  19. me: breathes

    air: I have a boyfriend

  20. Other than attracting girls, being short is better. Being tall limits the amount places you can fit

  21. Im 5'2 at 370 lbs. with white hair and brown eyes

  22. Me being 5'10, 125 lbs, liking video games over sports, and me not being financially capable of doing certain things has always made me insecure. And I'm a 20 y/o Christian virgin and have no dating experience (except the one girl in high school). I always kinda felt bad for myself that I was not like the "alpha" dudes. I wanted to be like them and fit in with them. I changed for them and it didn't turn out right. And because I was different I was bullied for it. That was back in elementary and middle school, but that really affected my ability to interact with people building up a lot of anxiety. I really didn't like myself during high school and after. I just accepted that I will never be like them and that bothered me.

    The way I see things now is IDC about being like an alpha, or being apart of a social group. I am the way I am and I'm fine with that. Yes I still prefer to be a little taller and gain weight (which I struggle to gain), but I just don't care anymore. God will bless me with the friends that love me for me. And if I'm lucky there's a girl out there who wants my skinny 5'10 God-loving nerdy self. I learned to love myself bc when I love myself, I am my best self! 🙏

  23. I had 15% 3rd degree burns across my body, which required skin grafts almost 4 years ago now. For about the first year my confidence ( my family says I’m cocky, I say cocky funny) was shot.
    Short story, I’ve been sexually involved with 4 girls since and none of them had any issues with my appearance. The last relationship is almost 2 years strong now. Each of us are all amazing in our own ways. You need to identify your strengths and you must accentuate this, or fix whatever needs fixing. Otherwise insecurities will ruin you.

  24. Amen on that I have depression and anxiety, I see a doctor once a month and a counselor.

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