2020 Dem SILENCED By Dad Who Saved Up ALL Of His Cash For One Motive They Need to Make Disappear

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100% Fed Up stories, Elizabeth Warren was greeting supporters at a marketing campaign occasion in Iowa when she had an encounter with a dad who requested about Warren’s free faculty proposal.

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  1. I have a degree in mechanical engineering. I worked as shipfitter for a year before I started college. Then I worked as a waiter paying my way while in college. I graduated with no debt. After college working for Boeing I paid for my own Flight Training and eventually became an airline pilot. Nobody gave me anything. I worked for it.

  2. The fact that she lied about her ethnicity to get her education tells it all, a POS at best.

  3. Chief liar watha keeps getting better and better.

    I give her 2 months before she decides to drop out like all the rest of them.

  4. This isn't about free stuff, this is about how much trashy Senators like Lizzie woo over here can feed you false advice and hopes in order to get power and then all the sudden turncoat the rest of us. It's all scheme in order to get into power and then leave us all on the train tracks to get ran over and for our remains to get eaten by the buzzards.

  5. “Of course not” , will be America’s response to Dems election attempt this fall.

  6. What a disgusting smelly lying POS she is . Just think of a the people that she leapfrogged over to get college addmissions or jobs ect. by playing the native american card .

  7. I think you should have this father and interview him on your show.

  8. We have had government sponsored college money in this country since WWII, it is known as the G I Bill. If you want college money, serve your country.

  9. Anyone else getting harassed by Bernie Sanders texts?
    I dont know how they got my phone, but now they continue to harass and threaten me. I have some gibberish characters and spyware now. I am now frightened of Bernie Sanders and self proclaimed Democrat Socialist (communist). Threats started JUST after I watched the youtube about Bernie Sanders' employees saying they would put Trump supporters in prisons when Bernie is President." Dream on Bernie. And the Bernie employee said "cities would burn" in that video. I must wonder how they would know WHO I will vote for next November. And how they got my phone number.

  10. That man would be paying for all that free college with the taxes that she going to raise into the stratosphere…it's the SOCIALIST AGENDA…. SPIDERS SUCK THE LIFE FROM THEIR PREY……

  11. yeah just another person that found out how big is scumbags he's communist liars are there not Democrats their communist socialist scumbag liars trying to destroy our country you're a corrupt piece of trash to scumbag garbage you will be in prison where you belong you're a disgrace to America

  12. Nice! Dems can't deal with reality and truth. Unfortunately too many morons out there believe their schtick.

  13. Elizabeth Warren is such a dam liar. Everybody knows she is just as crooked as all the rest of the house democrats

  14. I respect that man who put his girl through college ….I wasn't smart enough to get into college an didn't have the family means to get into college so I'm busting my ass trying to get my life in line…..That man deserves his money back ….take it out of the Democratic parties across the USA …because they are not doing their job aka the will of the people. The Dems get in office an start acting like this is a monarchy an do what ever they want example a Virgina unconditional laws they are trying to forcefully make citizens follow ….

  15. FLY BY !! Great American !! Telling it !! VOTE RED KAG..


  17. Bloomberg wants to up the minimum wage to $15 , well, there goes the low unemployment ! Hope hes rich enough to help those people getting layed off because their employer can't afford to pay them.

  18. That's all they do is take take take and you want get your money back because as soon as you gave it it went into their pockets and that's that !! At least she told the truth for once !!!!!

  19. No sir your money Will go To Daca group. Didn't you hear Joe Biden say the illegals were more American than Americans.

  20. Of course you aren't getting your money back! Paid tuition is for people who have a right to education. Where's the money coming from to pay you back anyways? The past is the past and we're only concerned with the future… besides, we need the money to pay reparations to people who are deeply affected by something that didn't happen to them… for votes.

  21. I wouldn't have a issue with helping kids threw college

  22. I love summer but I would love more to go right to November so I can watch crying liberal videos the day after the election again…

  23. It wouldve been so funny if he started to strong arm her 🤭😂

  24. Pocahontas is a lier, Socialist,
    And a Traitor

  25. Warren put in her place I love it and that man has a point

  26. Warren laughed at the guy and then when she was called on laughing at the guy she denied laughing at the guy. What a creepy dirt-bag injun who speak with forked tongue.

  27. Loved when the guy tells the creepy bitch off and then completely ghosts the skag 1/1024th Native American.

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