Greatest Accent for Apple House: Raspberry Pi and Homebridge (2020)

Apple House is a superb possibility for controlling your sensible gadgets, particularly in the event you’re already invested within the Apple ecosystem.

Like most sensible dwelling hubs although, Apple House suffers from restricted machine assist. With a Raspberry Pi working the superior Homebridge software program you’ll be able to open up your Apple House setup to an enormous array of additional gadgets and equipment, means past the set of ‘officially-supported’ gadgets.


Hoobs Web site –
Direct obtain for Hoobs: –


RaspberryPi four 4GB –
SeeedStudio Ice Tower Cooling Fan –

Apple iPad Professional 11″ –
Lamicall Pill Stand –
Logitech Slim Folio 11 –
Logitech Craft Keyboard –
Apple Pencil –
Apple AirPods –
Anker PD-1 USB-C –
Anker USB-C braided cable –
Anker PowerCore 10,000 PD –
Logitech MX Anyplace 2S –
Hyperdrive USB-C Hub –
PortaPow USB Knowledge Blocker –
Google Titan Safety Package –

Samsung T5 500GB SSD –
Samsung 970 EVO 1TB –
SanDisk Extremely 64GB USB-C –
WD 4TB My Passport Wi-fi Professional –
GNARBOX 2.0 512GB –
Anker USB-A to USB-C adapter –
Plugable NVME Enclosure –


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  1. love your Rob Johnson bubblehead on the desk 🙂

  2. Can you please do a video explaining the protected network (separation) for the smart devices. How do you control them, if your regular smartphone wifi does not content to the protected part?

  3. Can you use this with nest and ring doorbell / spotlight cam thanks 🙏🏿

  4. Great video! Thank you for spending the time explaining one question I have though, how is the response time compared to actual HomeKit devices? Like does it take 5 seconds from the time you click it on to go through home bridge and then finally turn on the light?

  5. Great Video, have four Pi's always on the lookout for things to make their purchase justified to my wife!
    Home security cameras are very interesting, especially when using the like of Amazon Blink, and ring doorbell video speeds are just shite.
    Bridging closed platforms to each other looks great with Hoobs, something it looks like these big tech companies are going to attempt sometime in the future with a dumb specification.
    For now, I think to be interested in how the video feeds perform, and in event real-time notification would be nice to see.
    If work with just RTSP feeds, or even open platforms such as Onvif for more useful aspects like motion detection.

  6. Please do a video on getting the security cameras working!!!

  7. Thank you for your time, efforts and talent… If it's possible to do a tutorial on Harmony setup that would be wonderful! cheers!!

  8. If you use “vcodec”: “copy” in the camera setup then stream will be not transcoded and even RPi Zero can pass it to HomeKit without lags and other issues, also set stream resolution to 720p, it’s a standard resolution for HomeKit.
    Not only HOOBS can be easily installed, check Config-UI-X plugin – you can install Homebridge with UI-X in minutes.

  9. Do you know if i can get my Unify cameras to work?

  10. Hi Rob, taking advantage of his knowledge with Hoobs, would you tell me why when accessing hoobs.local on my machine it doesn't work? I already installed the bonjour apple but nothing has changed!

  11. Easy fix to most things with Siri shortcuts and webhooks

  12. I really hope you could make more videos on HomeKit and homebridge via HOOBS system. See also the one bridge ZigBee solution via CC2531 USB or Conbee 2

  13. Apple services are garbage and don't give the privacy they tout to the media. Don't be a shill.

  14. Good morning, after i flash the hoobs img file to the raspberry pi sd card and insert back to raspberry and start up, the raspberry boots up and takes me to a hoobs network interface and i am unable to progress further or get into the raspberry window again. This takes me to a hoobs computer like log in screen (dos like). Advice please?

  15. What is the different to MAKESMART wich is the same UI ?

  16. Is it possible to run Pi-Hole along with Hoobs?

  17. HOOBs does seem cool and I always appreciate these types of technology bridges, but your video highlights the perils. 1000 plug-in options for a TV or light is not a feature, it’s a bug. Home automation fails its job to “automate” when the installation and maintenance effort far outweighs the manual effort to execute the task over a lifetime. (Similarly HOOBs pointing out you’re running an “old” version… unless your day job is maintain your own home automation, this kind of response is just wrong).

  18. What is the difference between Hoobs and An already running Homebridge with config-ui-x ?

  19. Is the build process finally open sourced? I wanted to try hoobs but I don't trust the prebuilt image

  20. Please do the video about security cameras

  21. Hello, is it already possible to make a encrypted HTTPS connection to the GUI by configuring the ssl options like the homebridge-config-ui-x plugin for homebridge?

  22. Great video!!! perfectly explained.

  23. You don't need a Home Hub like Apple TV or HomePod. You can just hook up your non-HomeKit devices to Homebridge on Raspberry Pi and it'll work through all Apple devices. However, a Home Hub is required to enable automations and for remote access.

  24. I installed Hoobs this week.
    I installed some plugins (WebosTV & Yamaha), all of them is working fine, but since the beginning, I can´t acces Hoobs.local, I need to use the IP address to access the Hoobs dashboard.

    Do someone have any idea?

  25. Useful and entertaining! I’m going to try and install this.

  26. Can you please show us the pi vpn home network setup. Your videos have really helped my learning with the pi and the ipad so far. Great content as usual. Thanks!

  27. Have a look at home assistant as well, so much more versatile

  28. Great video. Please keep the Raspberry Pi videos coming.

  29. was that Ubiquiti cams running in there? How did you get that going?

  30. Trying to get nest working inputted my nest account but keep getting that the account is rejected even tho I logged in with the details

  31. My HOOBS looks different than here. Anyone know why?

  32. Once again thank you for posting this excellent video.
    I had been tinkering with Homebridge and the Raspberrypi a couple of years ago but at the end gave up as accessing the device with a terminal shell and having to read tons of documentations for making the smallest changes had burnt me out. My Raspberrypi0 WH was laying in a drawer doing nothing until I came across this video and decided to give it another shot last night. Hoobs was the key to success this time, in 30 minutes it was all working again and I stayed up till 3 AM to play with my new toy. Shame on you! 🙂
    I have now a perfectly working Apple Home setup with 3 smart sockets and more to come as Amazon is delivering today..

    Thank you very much again and keep up doing this great channel!

  33. Let me know if you'd like to see more home automation content and what smart devices you're interested in.

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