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Hey get together individuals! Large thanks to buybuy BABY! This video/put up was sponsored by buybuy BABY! What a beautiful place to go that’s all issues child! Every thing you might ever think about that you’d need or want in your rising child! go to to additional your purchasing expertise!



Clear & Chill With Me:

I N S T A G R A M :

The Wads
PO BOX 273593
Tampa, FL 33688-3593

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  1. My hubby loves the boppy Carrier. Felt it’s the only carrier the baby can’t fall out

  2. Would you consider using a pencil to darken your eyebrows. They’ve disappeared once you step about 4 feet from the camera.

  3. I love buy buy baby! You look amazing mama!

  4. It was a lot of fun watching this video. I don't have a baby, heck, I don't even have a date, but it was really cute watching you shop in that store.
    It's so sweet watching you and Wentworth playing, I always think of my mom when I see that. Kim, you are such a sweet Mommy! God bless you and your beautiful family! ALOHA!!

  5. Buybuy baby please opennn in Pittsburgh PA

  6. Sounds like and looks like babies r us

  7. Wentworth seriously looks like a little toddler model in that outfit. Very distinguished!

  8. New subscriber here! Expecting my first baby girl (i have 2 boys also) in April!! I am having another Csection and I have been getting organizing ideas & hospital bag ideas! Simplicity! I love it! You are just so personable and I fully enjoy your channel! ❤️

  9. My husband is in the Navy and we are currently living in Japan !!! Wish I could walk in store for all that baby stuff I have fomo!! I needed that boppy carrier review Ive had my eye on it.

  10. Speaking of baby carriers, we LOVE our tula. We have a free to grow which is great for infants and we have a few standards. 🥰

  11. This was such a good video Kim! I’ve never been to buy buy baby but I’m going to go later this week! And I don’t even have a baby yet…. still stuck in conception. But why not buy stuff early, right 🤭😅

  12. Wentworth makes me want a little boy so bad 😍🥰

  13. I just started watching your channel and I love it so much your my go to channel to watch daily love how your so down to earth and real. Keep it up. 😁❤

  14. I just love shopping and going to new stores. I am limited here. I am south of you guys in Port Charlotte, FL. I was totally mesmerized shopping for baby supplies… not even a Dad… something not right with me. LOL!!!

  15. I love going to buy buy baby to test the strollers 😂 they even have a weighted bag to put in the stroller so you could really test the push 👍

  16. Hate buy buy baby way over priced

  17. Very informative and fun video i loved it:)

  18. Meredith a,ready looks so much bigger 😭😭😭

  19. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I went to the Brandon, Fl one to set up my registry and didn't have a single "expert" help me out while I was building my registry it definitely left me sour and I hated my so called experience at that store.

  20. Will you be sharing a v-day dollar tree haul this year? Saw last years video, it was awesome!

  21. Buy buy baby needs to have more affordable strollers. They all start in the 300$ which is not cheap at all

  22. Yes girl get that sponsorship!!! 🎉💜

  23. medela is the most popular because that is the one insurance companies give out.

  24. i know that buy buy baby sponsored this…. but check out tactical baby gear for a daddy carrier

  25. Im due april and i want to go to buybuy baby so bad this weekend haha

  26. Wow, they have a lot of stuff! I’m so glad you stole the camera 😂

  27. So was this filmed before Christmas. I thought you got a dyson for Christmas

  28. Ive been so behind on videos being in new born land lol, But heyy shopping 🙋🏻‍♀️

  29. This is so awesome!!! Congratulations!! You deserve this!!! Ah!!

  30. The closest buy buy baby is like an 1.5 from me :'( Looks like we're making a little trip!

  31. Ahhhh I’m due with my fourth in March and this makes me want to go on a shopping spree but the closest buy buy baby to me is in Elk Grove! Guess I’ll have to make a trip soon. They need a buy buy baby in MODESTO. Are you 👂 buy buy baby?! 😂😂

  32. The lady looks like Tom cruz's daughter….Suri?

  33. I love this video! It gives me a lot to think about for next year when my boyfriend and I try to start our own family. It makes me extremely excited for next year but also really nervous.

  34. What was the name of that stroller that was lightweight and easy compact?

  35. hii currently expecting my first baby in april Pleasee tell me where did you get that back pack?? 💕💕

  36. I was wondering what rocker is being used at 2:12

  37. Like buy buy baby got lots stuff for my grandson.

  38. When they sponsor you do you have to pay for anything that you get in store? How does that work?

  39. Love This Video! Very informative! 😍👍🏼😍

  40. Loved your video. I'm due in the summer. 😊 I'm definitely going to go to buy buy baby. Need to get many things.

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