Individuals Love The iPhone 11

Clip from Lew Later (Episode – China Loves iPhone 11) –


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  1. I bought two off letgo for $200 each if you want I can resell them to you Verizon network 128GB new no box HMU north jersey

  2. And the NSA is very proud to watch everybody from their headquarter

  3. Best to watch in 1.50speed lol he takes his time lol

  4. I totally enjoy your vids!! I always learn something new!! I love my IPhone 11! Yes, it’s not the Pro or Pro Max, but aside from a few differences I feel like my IPhone 11 does about 90% of what the others do. However, even though I am a die hard IPhone fan, I still very much enjoy seeing other tech products! Thank you so much Lew and Willie Du!! 😀

    Trying the old inception style.
    PATHETIC apple.

  6. The anti Apple news is like the liberal media, just a bunch of fake news. Apple products are FANTASTIC. Their sales will always reflect that.

  7. 5:36 lol i'm watching it on a 600 $ oneplus and i said that

  8. Anyone going to update any note series could you please give me your old note phone with lesser price please because I don't have enough money to buy new one. Please waiting for a note phone from 2015. Please guys ✌️😊

  9. Random question, is a white case good on a phone?

  10. Please dont suck up to apple dude, you dont need those keynote tickets. You bigger than that type of youtuber.

  11. This Dude knows how to milk a video

  12. Maybe statement of huwai MD complementing apple reason bcoz when u are using opponent gadgets that surely make consumer curious what's so special about then that they are not using their gadgets but of their competitors

  13. With google services out of the picture because of the trade wars I'm sure it helped push more people than usually toward apple.

  14. I’ve have an iphone 11. The last time I own one was an iPhone 7. I went from a note 8 to the iPhone 11 and IPhone fucking sucks. Unintuitive, apps suck. The note 8 camera is so much better. It literally feels like I’m just using a iPhone 7 without the home button that’s it

  15. Literally I cant find one student who doesn't have one

  16. I have the 11 pro it looks good

  17. because huawei just resign there hard worker employee that make people angry

  18. If you don’t watch his videos in 1.25x atleast
    You may have just too much time on your hand

  19. I guess pubg is the real reason behind all this sales growth in china

  20. People usually don't understand software so if it looks better than they'll jump all over it.

  21. They don't trust chinese government controlled servers

  22. Chinese are obsessed with basic bitch brands and all copy each other.

  23. Why people say fake news he is NOT CNN fake ass news network

  24. Lmao u must seen the same game I seen !

  25. I got a red iPhone 11 for Xmas. Coming from an iPhone 6S, I love it. The battery lasts all day! Watching YouTube, listening to music, reading articles and just web surfing without charging it once today.

  26. Lol. I just ordered a new one for me half an hour ago.

  27. Well, who wouldn't love the iPhone 11 like having 3 camera setup and longer battery life XD

    However, it's still expensive so I'd guess that more ppl are likely to buy it when the price drops even further like the iPhone XR 😉

  28. At this point its like xbox and playstation, whatever u grew up with is what u stay with. I know this is for me.

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