Ought to males go to escorts and pay?

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Ought to males go to escorts and pay? | Kama Sofa

Hey guys as we speak’s matter is ought to males go to escorts and pay? Emre and I offers you a deeper perception on this matter. So keep tuned.

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Emre is creator, relationship coach and CEO/founding father of Kamalifestyles. He has written books which bought hundreds of copies over a decade. Emre educated and coached many purchasers from everywhere in the world and males of all ages on methods to enhance their confidence, relationships and relationship. He has experience in confidence, method and attraction and has been featured in prime newspapers and radios. He’s passionate on serving to his shoppers to realize nice outcomes and ensure they don’t seem to be held again by the constraints.

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  1. In Sydney you can get back alley asian brothels that blow with no rubber for 60 bucks

  2. Better prostitutes than becoming a rapist is what I say. If a man is unable to get sex you just as well be sentencing them to become a rapist or molester or something. Paying a woman to get off is the much better option.💯

  3. Whatever whammen do = Good, strong, independent, you go guuurl.
    Whatever men do = ugly , creepy , bad, work on yourself.

  4. One way or another, men always pay for sex! Fact!

  5. well it is free ffs… stop paying

  6. you spend $$$$$$$$$$ on them 60 seconds later there with some one else games can be dangerous

  7. hey rich guys go to  escorts r they creeps well Hollywood is full of them

  8. Only loser insecure boys visit escorts. Can't really call you a man if you're out there spending your hard earned money on a ho, just to get some sex.

  9. I tried to go to an escort WITHOUT paying once–it didn't end well!!!

  10. I think there is much more risk from getting it for free. Let's say you see a woman for a while, a few months or whatever, you've had sex a lot, things feel great at first. But then you start to see red flags so eventually you break up with her. Now she's bad mouthing you online, stalking you, calling, texting…ect. And if she jumps from man to man, she's just as at risk of STD as a lower-end to middle range hooker. And if she happens to press a false rape charge–yikes!!! How much do you think it's going to cost in legal expenses just to make that crap go away if you're innocent??

  11. Men, you are going to pay either way. But atleast with a escort, you don't have to be married, and the legal risk that goes with marriage.

  12. Yes you know an escort is only there for the money. You know she will take the money and leave at the end. If you chose well you both leave with some satisfaction. You hope your wife will be different. You think she is there because you love her.

  13. They don't know what its like to be over 30 and a Virgin.

  14. so what when the girls only want sex? are they creepy too? or are they sexually liberated? XD

  15. 12:25 This woman is a hypocrite. She's saying women should be allowed to become escorts and strippers to get ahead in life but the rest of the video the message is men who pay for sex are bad. If you are going to make a video about men paying for sex why not get a real escort on next time. At least then we would get some real answers about the topic.

  16. Anabella youre baissed in favor of women

  17. If coitus is the objective Dating may be a strategy, Escorts may be an alternative and another cheaper alternative would be a 'lovedoll'.

  18. Honestly I don’t know how to talk girls into having sex with me or be with me that’s why i rather pay

  19. I spend 10k a month on hookers from Poland

  20. If it flys, floats. or f**ks – RENT IT!!

  21. If you meet the right person in life then that's great that could be deemed as love. However an escort provides a service for men to get laid "creepy men" I disagree it is a business transaction without all the groundwork of dating. People are busy, may not want a relationship and can have some fun with a women who in their every day life may never give them a second look. This type of work has been around for ages and isn't going away anytime soon and it takes a lot of confidence to see an escort. Good debate though, look forward to more topics.

  22. Yes, we should. Women don't like prostitutes because it gives men options and women hate men with options. Simple as that

  23. You should have started the video at 23:23. When finally after 23 whole minutes did you finally ask what about people who are lonely. Truly lonely and have no one. Sure you just glossed over it which was frustrating. You did not focus on the main reason men see escorts. Loneliness. You didn't answer that much at all and it was the most important aspect. Loneliness is depression, sadness, feelings of worthlessness.

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