The BEST £25 Pretend Nintendo Change!?

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The Retro Future
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  1. What was that tiny monitor thingy he connected it to?

  2. “Because if it had 1 Shoulder button that would be weird”

  3. I love Video games it plays nintendo switch games no lag i simply downloaded a emulator for nintendo switch but the issue with the Video games is that sega genesis games lag badly on that and also mario kart 8 deluxe online races lag badly and one other bad thing is that it run every game cube game but it does not run metriod prime another gamecube game.A legacy of goku for the gba stops in random parts of the game which is the biggest con of this overall the system is good but they should improve it.

  4. The best fake nintendo switsh and ps3

  5. Uhh…is this the nuntando swetch??

  6. @UCefAbzsWZE4uXU-mqQMrr4Q: Its pretty easy to see
    Comes 8th
    @UCefAbzsWZE4uXU-mqQMrr4Q: Its a little bit hard to be honest

  7. @The Retro Future – The link you gave is not the one you show in the video. I bought it and received nothing but the actual device with a different name on the back, no micro sd, no mini hdmi, and 0 preinstalled games, a different firmware!

  8. I’m not carrying around that entire thing to watch a 3×4 centimeter screen. I’d want it to be scaled, but not stretched. Original aspect ration, but not 1:1.

  9. WOW! Do they sell these at Walmart??? I am getting one for my birthday

  10. Well at least it dosent have joycon drift.

  11. latest console out of china what a virus?

  12. A stupid question: can it actually run switch games

  13. You didn't wash the box. You now have Corona virus.

  14. I think I've seen that white bear from the video that was all ready on the system

  15. Me:" Mom can i have a Nintendo switch?"
    Mom:We have Nintendo switch at home
    Nintendo switch at home:

  16. So I can't get pokemon to launch but other gba games work

  17. You do realize that owning the games doesn't make it legal for you to download them as roms right? That's a myth and even on the official nintendo website they say that

  18. I can literally play everything but pokemon please help

  19. Mine just got here! I got it from the US ebay link in the description a few weeks back. First impressions: mine sadly didn't come with preloaded games but it ran gba/gbc/snes roms right from the files on a microsd with no emulator programs needed which is nice. SNES roms were having lots of speed and lag issues but gameboy and gba ones run perfect. Genesis roms wouldn't boot for me. I disagree with your statement about the sound being on point, that speaker is tinny as hell when it gets up past the lower volumes. My screen was slightly misaligned, maybe a mm or 2 above where it shouldve been placed, but it's a small enough amount that it doesn't affect playability, though it is annoying. That could probably be an easy fix, I haven't opened it up at all yet so I'm not sure how that would go but I might try. The headphones included with it were laughably bad but it's interesting that they put them in at all. The case/joystick/button materials feel like garbage but idk what I expected for the price, and they function fine seemingly. If anyone makes any custom firmware I'd quite like to try that out. Also does anyone know the real specs on this thing?

    Overall though I paid like 32 bucks (USD) total for it and it runs gameboy/gba roms pretty fantastically by just throwing them on an sd and putting them on there, so I'm content. And that nice big (albeit misaligned) screen is really something else, I wish it ran SNES games better because sometimes the screen on my Pocketgo v2 (my daily driver) still feels a bit small for SNES titles. I'm probably going to turn it into a Pokemon machine and give it to a friend but that's what I was hoping for anyways 🙂 love your channel, one of my favorites for reviews on these handhelds. Very curious as to your take on the Odroid Go Advance.

  20. If I were you you I would just buy a psp off ebay and hack it

  21. Wait nfs carbon can run on that

  22. This is the switch lite before the switch lite

  23. Mum, can I get a Nintendo Switch?

    The Nintendo Switch you got:

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