Anker MFi LED Flash for iPhone 11 & 11 Professional!

Anker in December debuted a brand new LED flash accent that is distinctive as a result of it is the primary iPhone flash possibility that is Apple licensed with Made for ‌iPhone‌ approval.

Anker began accepting pre-orders for the flash earlier this month forward of a launch in late January, and we had been capable of get our fingers on the LED flash to attempt it out.

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  1. I’ve been waiting for a review. I’ll go back to my Lumecube 2 where I can control the light in similar way to using an external flash with my cameras. This should work fine for those just wanting a stronger flash but won’t work for my uses.

  2. So right in the native app we can control wether we want to use the Anker flash or the dual flash?

  3. it should be wireless.. to really detach your additional light from the camera. but after all .. its still just a phone

  4. To be honest this thing looks cumbersome and goofy 🙃

  5. I see you get the Marlboro birthday gifts as well haha

  6. I'm surprised you didn't know about lumecubes. if you are, why not compare or mention ? not a full comparison but ….

  7. I really don't know what they're target audience was when making this.
    A general crowd is not dedicated enough to take out the flash everytime, or have enough knowledge to think "hey in this scene an extra flash would definitely add something". And the more knowledgeable crowd who thinks about this kind of stuff like vloggers/professionals/amateurprofessionals probably need something more powerfull/manual.

    I do however see a usecase for the continuous lighting for video etc, especially in selfie mode, it does produce a good amount of extra light. But for a flash, it's a fun product and a nice idea to some time in the future be properly light your subject, but for now i'd say no.

  8. You should give this flash to a real photographer. Portrait photography comes to mind. These pictures tells you absolutely nothing…

  9. Is than an Ohio UNIVERSITY shirt? I work there.

  10. Is this compatible with the xs or only the 11?

  11. Edit: 700mAh battery. 7000 would be insane 😂

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