From Samsung to Apple, my first 2 months as an iPhone person. iPhone 11 Professional Max in 2020!

What did Apple be taught with the discharge of the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 professional?
I obtained the iPhone 11 Professional Max and have had it for about 2 months. What sort of issues do I like from the Apple iPhone 11 Professional Max and what do I miss from the Samsung Galaxy be aware 10 Plus? I’ll inform you all on this video!

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  1. Just switched from Iphone to a galcy note 10 and honestly im so glad I did. Idk its all personal preference at this point. Pricing and quality between the two brands is basically the same now

  2. Watching this on my note 10 plus.:)

  3. I don’t get why people want an app drawer and can’t just use a folder, like on Samsung phones you have an icon on the bottom of the home screen that shows you all the apps that aren’t on your home screen already… that’s literally the same as a folder on iOS if you choose to arrange it that way.
    It’s great that you like the iPhone 11 Pro though, welcome to the Apple ecosystem.

  4. Blah, How is it being stuck using one app at a time? I'm watching this video in the top right corner while doing word search puzzles. I'm not sure why you complain about battery life on the Note 10 Plus. I get 8 to 10 hrs use [ You do need to eat once while? It takes 40 mins to get a full charge] Siri sucks. I have a friend that has an 11 pro max we did voice assistant comparisons even he thinks Siri needs to be revamped. Reverse charging is great unless you have a One plus 7 Pro [ OH] Always-on screen is cool I look over and see whos sent me what. I don't need to open my phone.
    I'm not sure what bugs you are referring to. Note 10 has Android 10. Cameras are top 5 in Smartphones. MKHBD actually did a blind photo test [ iPhone Max 11 Pro Max,the Pixel 4 XL, One PLUS 7 Pro, Oppo, The Note 10 plus and the 10S] he took various shots than had 4 million people view and vote on them. Note 10 plus won 10s actually came in second. DEX is actually very useful transferring Microsoft Office files from phone to PC is simple or just playing Final Fantasy Tactics using a mouse. I also didn't have to spend 1500 bucks for 256 gigs of ram plus I have a 1 terabyte SSD. The Note 10 isn't perfect, No Virtuality Support like the 9 series. The cameras aren't the best but overall this phone is the best period. I have the One Plus 7 Pro [ 90 MHz screen Right button S/S and full screen with no notch] The rest blows no Always on. No Theme store, no wireless charging, the camera app sucks[ no voice shutter] basic. One Plus is the reason I got the Note 10 Plus

  5. If the s11 is anything like the s10 I’ll never go back to Samsung lol. I hated my s10 from day one when I got it off put order. I have the pro max and love everything about it

  6. I’m a tech! I am primarily an Android user Samsung specifically! But I also use IOS! I really want to experience the iPhone 11Pro Max! I would love to compare it to my Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus! Do you have any advice for starting a YouTube channel?

  7. There are only two phones in the world, iPhone and others.

  8. What kills me is even Google at times release new features on their apps for IOS first. What business sense does that make.

  9. I just got a iPhone 11 Pro, always had big android phones, in fact I still have my s10 plus… but I just wanted to try IOS and have a smaller phone for one handed ability… I am not disappointed with it! I am really starting to love it!!

  10. Oh no!! Love my S10+ display and being to look at my important apps on my main screen and arrange them how I choose and lets not get into my black market apps that can't even be on iOS until then I could never!! U can't go wrong with any phone now a days Galaxy S20 can't wait

  11. Travis what I do is put all the apps I don't use in one folder and basically call it my app drawer.

  12. iPhone 11 Pro Max has USB 2 speed (20 MB/s up to 29 MB/s). This USB 2 speed same
    is slower than entry-level and mid-range Android Phone (35 MB/s up to
    44 MB/s).All iPhones have this problem, iPhone X, iPhone XS Max, iPhone
    11 etc…

    Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ has USB 3.1 (10x faster). (up to 350 MB/s)

    iPhones are mid-range phone in reality. Therefore gives better battery
    life in some situations. but only because extremely bad hardware was
    added and bad software.

    low resolution, iOS system itself has extremely few possibilities, there
    is no possibility to use external media with fast speed, many iOS apps
    are buggy and infested with tracker and ads.

    iPhone can't be set up without internet. it always needs to communicate
    with a central server first during setup. without central server it
    doesn't work. the device doesn't belong to you.
    the A13 SoC is just a marketing to cover up the other areas to see how
    bad the iPhones are in reality. only middle class hardware built in.

    The benchmark results are useless in most everyday situations.

  13. i went from the s10 plus to the iphone 11 pro max 256 GB but after 2 months i just bought the note 10 plus cuz i didnt enjoy apple at all… but thats just me and all good and feels great being back on android

  14. Brother if you like practicality and reliability hell no and less you just wanna go back to android lol

  15. Apple is too restrictive for me personally… I prefer to have full control of my devices… Not what Apple tells me what I can and can't do… Android all the way for me.

  16. There were so many things about my 6s that I loved. Like, The Home Button, that's gone, the screen, now there's a notch you can't hide! 😉
    Some of the games like Scrabble and Letterpress were just better and the syncing with iTunes was seamless, apart from the duplicate Playlist issue, which I was never able to solve.

    I loved iMessage, but one of the reasons that really drove me back to Android was the clunky keyboard, which you still have to toggle back and forth to get to punctuation/numbers etc.
    Swiftkey made it better, but once you've used Swiftkey on Android, no contest, IMO!

  17. I been a Samsung guy since galaxys s1. All the way to the galaxy s9+. And let me tell you guys. I was that guy that would talk so much shit about apple. But I switch to the xs max one year ago and I don’t regret it. I just miss somethings about andriod that iPhone can’t do. Other than that I’m happy and my wife switch with me also .

  18. Apple Watch is next for me! I need that extra assurance that my heart will be monitored.😁 Every second counts.

  19. got the s10, s10+, note10 + and sold em. got iPhone 11 p max sold it (too big and clunky) got iPhone 11 Pro keeping it, love it!!

  20. Been an Android only guy since 2010, besides having an iPhone 3rd gen and iPhone 4s, I switched to the iPhone 11 Pro from my galaxy s10+ and I’m not regretting it at all. Samsung has cool features but I don’t use them enough to care

  21. Switching fron iPhone 6s to iPhone 11 pro max is the best decision I’ve ever had. The camera is stunning, the display is jaw breaking and the battery is just super awesome. No matter how hard i’ll throw to it, the battery won’t just die easily. This phone is amazing. Not to mention the sound quality will leave you in awe. Apple really did a great job to it 👏🏼

  22. Started using Android from the first galaxy S and I'm currently using the Oneplus 5T. Oneplus has been a snappy experience but I will surely convert when the 2020 iPhones come out especially since the ecosystem blends in so well…given that the base model iPhone 12 comes at least with a 1080p display of course

  23. Android users since day one 2019 I’m now an iPhone user I’m with you man

  24. Finally!!! Once you go Mac you ain’t going back!

  25. I like my note 9, but I love my 6S Plus. Note has a ton of cool features, but Apple focuses on the features that people use 90% of their devices for. Hell I’m using an almost 5 yr old phone that’s running the latest update. You can’t beat that with a bat. I’ll keep a note, but iPhone will always be my daily driver for the reasons you stated.

  26. Tbh I don't like the notch and I love my S10+ and I prefer the notifications on android plus the battery life is still great on the S10+ so I won't be upgrading my phone until 2 years.

  27. To be honest. I choose android phones because you can get great phones for a cheap price, and I'm not that rich. If an iphone was had the cost of like 300-400$ (the new ones) i would go for it.

  28. Try huawei p30, mate 30 pro and u will be disappointed with iphone battery life and camera

  29. Well I say damn any other phone except an iPhone. I was totally gonna buy the Samsung S20 I watched everything on YouTube about them. Then I ran across your video this morning re: price and you saying don’t do it!
    I subscribed to your channel and found this video re: iPhone 11
    Bam 💥 Boom 🤯 Bang! Sold!! iPhone 11 is my choice. Thank you sir.

  30. What is the big deal about ios updates when users have to suffer with bugs for months before it is perfected?

  31. Just sold off my beloved Samsung Note 8 after getting the iPhone 11 Pro and although I do miss a couple of bits, it’s nothing but a learning curve. There’s a lot more that I love about the 11 Pro and iOS and the “ecosystem” yet so much I THOUGHT I might miss that I just don’t. ‘Twas a great decision to switch and I have yet to regret it.

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