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  1. i do miss keith can u bring him to one of ur videos please

  2. Am I the only one who doesn’t know who Cat is? I’ve watched for a couple years but I’ve never heard of Cat lol

  3. one thing i love about honda. is getting OEM parts isn't a punch to the dick! simply go online. search for the part. find the part number. go to your dealer and just order it. can pick it up there for cheaper or have it shipped directly to your house for not much more.

  4. Hey man! You've got lots of us in canada! 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦

  5. Shout out From Ontario , Canada Atv rider, but don't miss a video from the Mini Motto Squad

  6. Im one of your canadian fans Ontario here 🤙🏼😎🔥

  7. Bro! You’re almost to 1 million subs! Congrats dude!

  8. Like the Casey Neistat Music and editing in the beginning👌👌

  9. You should put that bear on the big bike

  10. I love your videos man, keep it up!

  11. Where is Keith I miss him with G bear

  12. Just noticed but you moved out of the apartment that you were sharing with Keith?!

  13. What happened to keith is he coming back

  14. You had to make sure you said multiple crashes with Casper.lol😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂❤️❤️❤️LOVE YOU❤️❤️❤️❤️

  15. What happened to Keith??
    Please respond love your videos 😊🥰

  16. Ouch I guess I’m not Canadian then

  17. Kinda of a silence follower, would be kinda cool to see you give the lemon to Keith in the next video

  18. HEYYYY more love from Alberta Canada 🇨🇦 we've got a good from squad up here too, though I'm on a rebel right now 🤣

  19. I love your videos and I want to get a dirt bike I wold get a grom but they are not for of roads and I'm only 12 well 13 this February and I have a small yard
    And we hopefully going to move to a mountain .
    Love you're videos . PS I lived in Canada for 4 years I'm back in South Africa

  20. Sooooo I’ve seen this comment and I’d like to jump on this wondering train but what happened to Keith? Does anyone know???

  21. You never looked into the camera lmao

  22. And here I am. . .
    Sitting in Germany, wishing for "real" Snow since 10 Years. >.>

  23. New subscriber here thought I'd say hello

  24. 1:50 u have european fans aswell
    I rly enjoy your vids kepp it up u deserve the 1mil

  25. @G Bear or anyone who can help me I just got my bike licence and I need help to pick out a starter bike plz help

  26. I’m really loving this Vlog style vid Will! 🙂 Fantastic job, as always ❤️🕊

  27. Make the white bear Casper and put it on your grom

  28. That lemon was probably sent by life.

    Edit: just got to the part where he found out from who it was from. So that makes my joke not work any more

  29. Calgary, Alberta, Canada right here! Love your videos too!

  30. Thanks for the shout out Will!you need to get a dirt bike there fun!

  31. @gbear if you have so many toys use them for a toy drive next christmas – roll them down the hyway in a mesh bag with the grom squad probably get a ton of support – i know i'd send a couple

  32. Can't wait to see those snow vids… keep up the great work dude …. you're the main reason I ride a grom and your videos are just awsome. I'll keep watching I'll keep riding you keep grinding my guy!

  33. When carter writes letters on a dirtbike 💀💀

  34. And yes they are homemade I go to Hobby Lobby in by pretty much everything and then sell them to my friends. I will probably make new little ones for you guys and just put one string on there then you can use it for your trip in your cars

  35. Anyone knows why keith isn't in the videos anymore?

    Might have been explained in a previous video where i missed it?

  36. When the title of the vid happens like 10 minutes into the gdmn video

  37. Another fan from Alberta, Canada here too. I've been watching you for awhile and love the content.

  38. Maybe it’s because I can’t draw to save my life lol, but I’m always so amazed at the drawings you see from fans

  39. Rudy told to remove the guacamole if he wanted to smash…

  40. Buy some Morakniv to open your packages

  41. It’s weird but dslr cameras cannot continuously record past 29 minutes because then they’d be classified under video cameras instead. It’s because of some tax thing or cost thing in another country is what I heard. But yeah, just remember to restart videos with a dslr every 29 minutes.

  42. Spent today watch nearly every video lol

  43. g-" it has a cup holder plug"
    me- "you mean a lid, Will?"

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