My Reward To You

I do what I do to make you snicker and smile. And overlook your issues for a minute or two.

Chronicles of a Cuck coming early 2020

Comply with me on Twitter to maintain updated with my progress on the lead as much as launch:


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  1. I hope you have a song that splices in some lyrics from our boy Metokur with his godtier voice!

  2. Metokur praise is invaluable. Jim almost never talks good about other people on the internet.

  3. We love you man. Definitely looking forward to the album.

  4. Thanks for a year of top tier content Hutt. Your editing really is amazing dude!

  5. This channel quickly become one of my favorite. The voices clipping is so good I thought it was a deep fake voice modulator. More entertaining than mundane matt himself was ever able to do.

  6. God damn Hutt, I owe you a drink or five

  7. Are you gonna be on The Dick Show anytime soon?

  8. I respect your unending hatred and disrespect for Mundane Matt.

  9. Thank you for the effort you put into these hilarious and down right glorious rap tunes!!! I just hope they aren’t secretly constructed by Mundane Matt himself.

  10. I'd buy a CD of it, not like bandcamp, itunes, spotify, or whatever else will let you sell it there.

  11. My name is Matt jarbo and I approve this message

  12. I love you man. What you do is fucking hilarious.


  14. @Jarbo The Hutt – You really do deserve all the praise. I see far more narcissism than talent from most YouTubers but every video or song you post impresses me beyond belief. I just hope your skills make you a lot of money in the future because your editing, comedy, and timing are fucking immaculate. God bless your boulders.

  15. You deserve all the praise, and more good sir!
    Very cool stuff

  16. The fact this channel is under 10k subs baffles me

  17. Your greatness is getting the recognition it deserves, although to really get the recognition you deserve; you should get an Oscar

  18. You're a comedic and musical genius my friend. Cant wait!

  19. I literally exist to listen to this. I’m not joking. My friend was like, man who’s that rapper and then I told them it was all clips and they wouldn’t believe me. You have bought new meaning to my life, that I now enjoy with my friends.

  20. Lmao what's the name of the piano song?

  21. Think you can make a music video on myjewrecords?

  22. Which livestream is the one where jim listens to the mc jarbo songs cause I just can't find it.

  23. I wacked off to this, now i have a big mess over my Keyboard u freak.

  24. the Walmart videos Matt makes all on his own remain the funniest thing of all.

  25. Been watching your stuff for a long time now. Thank you for the great videos dude

  26. I'm shocked Jarbo wasn't caught on PopSquad yet lmfao

  27. Matt would give this channel praise, but he's too busy acting like certain things never happened…

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