The whole lot I exploit to check and take notes (2020) – iPad apps & equipment

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This video goes over the whole lot I exploit as a digital notetaker from units and equipment to applications and apps!

Issues I discussed:

– iPad sixth gen 32GB
– iPad seventh gen 32 GB
– Apple Pencil 1st gen
– Kitty pencil case (see hyperlink under)
– Paperlike display screen protector
– Logitech Slim Folio keyboard
– GoodNotes 5
– Notability
– OneNote
– Google Spreadsheets
– Google Docs
– Noisli

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GoodNotes 4/5


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  1. The video is great!
    Just a few questions:
    How long does the ipad last for?(I am assuming you mostly use the ipad for studying {excluding assignments}
    How long does it take to charge?

  2. sadly i am too poor to even look at this ipad

  3. Unfortunately I have the 5th gen iPad 😢

  4. Wish Paperlike made protectors for other devices.

  5. Wait.. are you sure that's the ipad 7 and not the ipad air 3??

  6. Can the iPad 6th generation do this?

  7. How much time you take to write a note or a perfect note

  8. Would you recommend upgrading to the 7th generation, or was the 6th good enough for school?

  9. hi! what app do you use for pdfs and ebooks?

  10. animal crossiinggggggggg 😭🎶

  11. I like more goodnotes than notability for pretty much everything but they are both pretty awesome app . One note by microsoft can be even better if they manage to add pressure sensitive and a couple of page layouts more especially if you use Win10 but i don't think they will never do it ☹

  12. Just impulsively bought the pencil holder case :")

  13. What pen and font size do you use for goodnotes?

  14. Can you only use the Apple Pencil with the iPad Pro or Air?

  15. When you're looking for tablet and seeing this video,
    at the same time you happen to be a medstud and currently in Cardiology module be like…. nothing gets me more than this vid😭

  16. Ipad: 1500$ + electrical bills + the chance to fall over the floor and break it all (plus 1500$)
    Normal paper: you find everywhere and costs less than 1 dollar + you gonna do the same things, just buy the pens + that don't breaks when it falls 🙂

  17. Can you make links in Good Notes? Say I make a book about strictly formulas, but have the notes about those formulas in a different notebook, can I create a link in that text to take me to an example of the formula in another notebook?

    If that doesn’t make sense, I apologize.

  18. slight correction – the slim folio does not use the apple smart connector. It uses bluetooth.

  19. 0:51 was i the only one that thought “crackles” said crackheads…😂

  20. Do you have an issue with your iPad dying quickly when using note taking apps during a day of classes? (Notability and GoodNotes)

  21. Is 32gb iPad is enough for notetaking 📝 ??? Anyone explain please???

  22. where did u get the kitty keyboard at the back of the background ☺️☺️

  23. Have you looked into using AnkiWeb for your active recap studying instead of google spreadsheets?

    I used it to help learning vocabulary and concepts for Japanese and it really automated studying, added emphasis to parts of study I was very weak on and reduced time on what I knew already. What’s great is it’s multi platform and the web version is free.

  24. Ive come accross your instagram many times and didnt even realize this was yiur youtube channel until I saw your engagement ring 😭😭😂😂😂 love this and love you! 💕💕

  25. Your videos literally give me life. They’re so informative, aesthetic, and helpful.(: I’ve been thinking about what I want to major in.. I’m leaning towards something medical but I can’t make up my mind. Any suggestions??

  26. u can literally open a store of all of your gadgets

  27. The only reason i want a iPad Is for drawing and do animations.
    I want to make comics and start a personal project with one of my classmate.
    So sad that i live in a thirdworld country.

  28. I can’t wait to get my iPad but idk if I should get an mini iPad or 6th gen I was thinking about 7th gen but lol Nah!! I’m only __ years old so I need a good iPad for me !! 😁😁😁💓💓💓

  29. “Active recall” & the excel Flashcards… I see a fellow Ali Abdaal subscriber.

  30. Happy new year everyone! Thanks for watching! If you're interested in trying out Paperlike here is a link!! 💜💜💜 Love you guys

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