it's been 10 years…

it’s been 10 years since I fell 50 ft and my life modified ceaselessly. I share the story of how I bought harm, why I began Wheels2Walking, and the way you should utilize this channel to thrive when you’re a wheelchair person 💢PATREON 💢:

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Learn the UNTOLD story of Wheels2Walking


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  1. Guys you can clearly see he’s paralyzed and he made a video on why he doesn’t walk and it makes perfect sense also I came to this Chanel because I broke my leg and feel so bad for people who are not able to walk

  2. Get well soon, brother. I am also fighting against muscular distrphy and my story are semelar like you.but Big difference between us is I am steel in diprashon and I want to come out from this heal.

  3. You are an amazing person. Keep up the good vibes. You are reaching so many people that need you and this.

  4. Woooahhh so did you fall through an unsecured work area or something like that?! That’s so fricken scary!

  5. Thankyou so much for making the videos you do I'm learning so much I'm not in a wheelchair but I use a Walker and I'm learning to cook and adapt in a non adaptived kitchen so it's like I am using a wheelchair when I sit down to cook I have ceberalpalsy I'm 21 and again thankyou so much I've learned to be so much more independent through your channel

  6. Did they ever figure out what caused your fall? Did you pass out or trip or get hit by a car?

  7. This channel is the first to make me smile this week. Have 6 kids and was born with hemophilia had my left ankle and subtalar fused ten years ago and now the right one is needed to be done. This channel has helped me accept my disability without pushing myself into daily pain to think I’m normal.

    Thanks !!

  8. I’m 19, I become disabled on august 2019… now i’m confined on a wheelchair, I have to buy my first wheelchair, I have limited buget and I don’t know how have to is my first wheelchair, can you halp me on the choice? (Sorry for bad english I’m italian)

  9. I've been in my chair for eight years. I'm a incomplete quadriplegic. I didn't do drugs, but just the need to have someone who loved me to help me through. I met my husband 11 months after my accident, which happened in OEF, I still don't feel anything from chest down but I move a little and try to do more and more each day. You Sir are amazing, and so strong.

  10. How did you manage to fall 50 feet while jogging? :O

  11. I have a dr appointment tomorrow. I dread going anywhere anymore. It hurts so bad just trying to get dressed. But hopefully my pain pump medicine will get stronger and I won’t hurt so bad. Hopefully soon my husband will find a wheelchair for me so I can get around by myself. I was thinking about a air hawk or a eagle. There power wheelchair and they fold up easily. If I got a heavy wheelchair then my husband would need to get a wheelchair accessible van and we can’t afford that right now. It’s pretty expensive being disabled. I’m finding that out now.

  12. IMPORTANT NOTICE!: Hey everyone, Richard has been nominated for a Shorty award! We need to get the word out to get people voting, he’s in the Health and Wellness section, you can vote once a day until voting closes! Get voting, let’s get Richard this award for all the amazing work he does!

  13. Wow what you have done with your life is amazing you are inspirational go you👏👏

  14. Hey I am not in wheel chair but I have spinal fusion like you l5-s1 , I was a basketball player but after that incident I stop playing ,stop doing any kind of training … I only eat and laying in bed. To beat depression is rly hard, I am proud of you and what you are doing right now. You are awesome. Good luck in 2020 year.

  15. Similar to Tracy Thompson, only I am 72 and been in a power chair for two years due to complications from an old injury and poor medical treatment. Age really makes it hard to regain abilities, keeping weight down antibiotic resistance and such. For those needing it, Toyota makes a Sienna Mini Van with an OEM lift seat and I had a trailer to haul my chair in.

  16. I have no Idea how I came across your channel or why youtube recommended your video with me but wow, you are inspirational. Keep on doing what you are doing I bet you have helped thousands of people with your story

  17. I only see you reply to comments very, VERY, rarely. You did acknowledge when someone commented, " Richard has been nominated for a Shorty award! ". hmmmm

  18. This story is crazy. Keep up the good work. ;)👍

  19. You are making a difference keep making the videos we need you

  20. Your statement about your last run really struck a chord with me.  My dad became a quad overnight due to a drunk driver.  It took him 10 years to figure out how to live paralyzed.  And he did.  My mom was his caregiver after his return home from the rehab center for 34 years. Most folks have no understanding of the real daily struggles.  Thanks for being a voice for a lot of people.

  21. Thx u showed me what my life is going to be

  22. Your story is so inspiring 💜💜💜💜

  23. i was using a wheelchair r a walker on and off since 2017 but on the 8th of jan.. i went to get out of bed and my back went down so now i have to use the wheelchair a lot of the time and it doesnt help that i have to rake iv supplies and feeding tube supplies with me

  24. I’ve met Jessie she is a really cool person

  25. Thanks TikTok and you,best video ❤️❤️

  26. This guy is a total daddy 🙂🙃

  27. This is a common story for ablebodied people too! Sometimes there just isnt a seable reason.

  28. I have one question how did you fall 50 feet?

  29. I am inspired how you never gave up and even decided to help people. You are so kind 🙂

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