UPGRADE your Nintendo Swap Graphics? MClassic Assessment

We examine a number of video games aspect by aspect utilizing Marseilles MClassic that works with all main video games consoles to sharper up the picture, add some depth and take away aliasing (jaggy edges) however does it work and is it value $99? Let’s discover out!

You possibly can take a look at the MClassic for yourselves right here – We get NOTHING from this so you’ll be able to belief my views!

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  1. I actually have one coming today. I heard it makes a big difference in Xenoblade 2 and Luigi's Mansion. I plan on testing it on DQXI and Dauntless.

  2. I wonder how games look upscaled to 1080p with this device, when Switch is set to 720p, compared to native with and without … might not be a huge improvement, but should help with some demanding games run more stable, without a huge loss in image quality….especially if the games didn't ran at native 1080p anyway.

  3. I have bought this dongle. In some modern games (witcher3, mortal kombat 11, …) you see small differences.
    Noticable, but not enhancing.
    In other modern games there is nothing to see (for example doom 2016)

    BUT in many older game engines (Assassins creed, Skyrim, Dragons Dogma,…) there is a HUGE enhancement. They look awfull good!! Just like setting the resolution much higher. (Of course, this is what the dongle does)

    In all Games (older, newer) there is a big enhancement for alpha transparency. Much better looking of water.

  4. The testing made with 720p output as suggested by marseille?it supposed to work better with games sub 1080p like astral chain witcher etc but in 720p switch output so the upscale to 1080p come from the mclassic and not the switch itself.sorry for my english its not my native language.

  5. I prefer to use it paired with the Super64 and GCHD Mk-II. I've used mine with my Switch but the difference is minimal.

  6. $100 for subtle visual improvements at the expense of attaching a not so subtle dongle. Thanks, but no thanks.

  7. I'll raise the contrast on my TV and save my money. 😊

  8. Not sure if this was mentioned before but I believe Marseille recommends setting the Switch to output all games 720p manually which if I understand correctly is the native resolution for all Switch games. If you leave it at 1080p the Switch tries to upscale itself and introduces errors with the MClassic algorithm limiting it's effectiveness. I did this and noticed noticeable improvement in all games.

  9. When docked i mainly use the switch on a 1440p monitor. I wonder how that would look. Hmmmm

  10. If they wanted to Nintendo could include something like this in the switches charge port upgrading to the image.

  11. I wanted one but cant buy one in Thailand I searched already, dont want import charges so I didnt bother hahah

  12. If I can just power this thing with the USB port in my TV, this might actually be worth a buy. I play a decent amount of games docked with my Switch since I grabbed the pro controller and the jagged lines are all over the place in some titles when docked.

  13. Awesome video.. makes me rly consider getting one..
    Btw what is that classical music playing until 2.22 mins?

  14. I'll see what the Switch Pro can offer first.

  15. However, this thing works wonders on Wii and GameCube games. It’s only really worth the price if you’re looking to upscale your 480p and 720p games.

  16. I might be a strane person, but believe it or not I am very happy graphicwise with all the games I personally choose for my NS. Docked or not. Indies or AAA. Maybe because I come from the generation that saw the evolution and now everything seems AMAZING in comparison to the games we played back then))) Said all that – I wanna Switch PRO!! ))))

  17. When you say large 4k TV what size do you consider large? I been on the fence about getting this due to the price but if my TV isn't large enough to make a difference then I probably won't get it.

  18. Muddied video is not worth 1ms of added lag and $100.

  19. It works the same as the mcable I have the classic and the cable and it looks amazing on the switch. One thing you wount expect is it enhances light with godrays in games also. I had to unmod skyrim because they were too blinding.

  20. The Monkey Island music…
    What a wave of nostalgia.
    They should put a Lucasarts Collection on Switch.

  21. Seems costly for little benefit

  22. These youtube ads are getting out of hand

  23. Yay! Monkey island theme song 😛 cheers for the video too!

  24. The upscaler only works if youre using a monitor higher than native res. Even if the game is 7200, the switch is still technically putting outna 1080p signal.

  25. Does it remotely transmit the signal to tv?

  26. Did you set the Switch TV resolution to 720p? It makes a big difference in all games. When using the mClassic, I always set the console setting to 720p and I can tell the difference in all games. Hell, in Doom, even setting the console to 480p looks good with mClassic. Though, I do play in a CRT monitor… So that may also make a differences.

  27. Works best on 480p consoles actually. I bought one during their campaign and payed $59 as an early backer. Also, try it on a PS3 with a blueray movie on a 4K TV!! My latest videos show it on an original Xbox.

  28. Why wouldnt you try it on Breath of the wild??????

  29. Is there any delay from input to game due to the processing of the signal?

  30. Very interesting, wish plug n play improved could really work for other consoles too lol

  31. Could you possibly post some BOTW gameplay? It's the main reason I was interested in this product but theres only a few short clips of it on youtube.

  32. Uh… my TV has a Sharpness setting. And options for color. So… yikes.

  33. All caught up!! :3 Thanks for some GREAT videos guys!

  34. Enhancing contrast means loosing details in bright or dark areas and it could be done with TV settings anyway.

    There are several similar devices available and they mainly change the image, but don't make it look better. You get something but you loose other things.

    AA through such devices seems perhaps look at first nice on games with cartonish graphics and native resolution, but it blurs small details in the whole image.

    And the device is way overpriced, obviously.

  35. Can we please find out what happens when you combine 2

  36. Still not worth a whole 100

    30? Maybe. 100? Hell no

  37. Hey guys – something a bit different here enjoying my nerdy PC roots a little, Not sure if for the average consumer would go for the MCABLE but if you’ve got a large 4K TV the upscaling works well! Overall I am pretty impressed. Mark

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