VALENTINES GIFT IDEAS FOR YOUR GIRLFRIEND OR WIFE. Valentine’s Day items for girls. #valentinesgift

#ValentinesGift #Valentine’sGiftIdeas #Valentine #Reward #GiftIdeas #ValentinesDay
Reward concepts for girls. What girls actually need for Valentine’s Day. The do’s and Don’ts of reward shopping for for girls.

-Field of Godiva Chocolate Truffle
-Chocolate Lined Strawberries

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  3. This video: From the woman that had her husband send chocolate covered strawberries, to work, then ended up with a belly ache🤣🤣🤣🤣

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  6. I have never gotten flowers in the mail before. I got chocolates covered strawberries and they were awful.

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  11. Clean house…. amen… but sadly I work from home so im already the "house wife" in this relationship lol – she works out and makes the mess lol

  12. So much fun! Good advice, too. I want to be like you when I “glow up!”

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