What I Received For Christmas 2019 | Fleur De Power

Just a few of my favorite presents this yr! Thanks a lot for watching – this is to good a New Yr! XXX EXPAND this little field for more information, hyperlinks and many others xo

Harry Potter Illustrated Books:
Dr Martins:
Oliver Bonas Plate:
Artwork Go:
Daylesford Cookery Courses:
No one’s Little one Costume:
Elizabeth Scarlet Make-Up Bag:
Timorous Beasties Pillows:
Dior Rose De Vents Assortment:

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  1. I really recommend you try this recipe of a vegan Boeuf bourguignon https://www.javligtgott.se/vegetarisk-boeuf-bourguignon/

    English below

  2. How did you choose your daughter's name? Are you still happy with it and what reactions have you had? X

  3. Love your videos. Sadly all the Elizabeth Scarlet pouches are limited edition & are all sold out 😞

  4. Trying to reduce my mindless scrolling this year as well!

  5. If you were filming this on the 7th, it was just in time for the Orthodox Christmas, so you are still in the season, so to speak)))

  6. Gorgeous everything, love them all! xx 🙂

  7. Hi Fleur do you have a new piercing in your conch? You inspired me to go to Maria Tash and I now have 6 extra piercings! Seeing yours I want another one now!

  8. I got the same box set of the Illustrated Harry Potters ( 1-3 )to my teenager daughters for Christmas as well. Goblet of Fire is also available in the illustrated version now !! love all of your videos, thank you for sharing !

  9. my son and my daughter in law got me tickets to ILiZA. I bought myself Olivia Burton Bee earrings and necklace set.

  10. Don’t feel you need to apologise for your Christmas gifts/purchases. Love these videos.

  11. Oooh what did your mum get you? I know she usually finds beautiful antique-y things x

  12. It looks like ur using a green screen??

  13. Where is your top/scarf from? Is it Burberry? X

  14. The Dior necklace is incredible- I love it ✨ Glad you got a break!

  15. What did you get from your parent actually ? ❤

  16. Your skin is glowing! Looooove the make up ❤

  17. What are you wearing on your nails in this video? My sister has been collecting the illustrated Harry Potters, they're amazing!

  18. I missed seeing what MumDeForce and DadDeForce got you for Christmas….you always receive the loviest antiques from them…

  19. I am doing dry January from the9th of, since I like you had a thing I wanted to be able drink at. So nw we are on. I think it is completely fair to do it that way.

  20. Harry Potter is great. JK Rowling admitted that she channeled the Harry Potter books from a demonic entity.It contains real Wicca spells so it’s great for getting into witchcraft and practicing magic and spells. Also love love all the occult symbolism in your video and the fact that you are going vegan . You are heading into NWO with the speed of light

  21. Because I was a child when I first read HP I don’t have copies of the books of my own (they belong to my parents) so I’ve been getting the illustrated ones as they come out for my own collection (ps the 4th one just came out before Christmas)

  22. theres 4 illustrated HP books now! they come out every October 🙂 love the makeup bag!

  23. need those cushions and necklace ahh

  24. Hello!!!! I love your nail polish, which one is it please? 🙂

  25. Moderation in all things. Cant be asked concerning trendy senceless balderdash

  26. I love the illustrated Harry Potter books, keeping them in top condition so I can give them to my kids ☺️ fourth one is out now, my boyfriend got me it for Christmas 😀

  27. I love these videos. As a nosey person, they just make me really happy 😂 Sidenote: Goblet Of Fire has just been released 😁 also, they have released illustrated versions of Tales Of Beedle The Bard and Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find. Both are equally stunning 😍

  28. I love your videos!! Your voice is very soothing and your skin just looks beautiful!!!

  29. Thank you for being so genuine, always love your videos 😊

  30. I’m doing Veganuary! Loving it so far

  31. The makeup pouch is sold out 😭😭😭

  32. Love watching these videos ! I feel like this was smaller this year , you didn’t say what your parents got you x

  33. Hello, Fleur!
    I was watching one of your older videos, the one made in 2016 when you had just bought your Balenciaga in blush color.
    I was wondering if after this time you still have it and if you usually sell your purses here? If yes, would this one be in your selling list?
    Thanks for the videos!
    Bye bye 🙂

  34. I really love when you do these videos. I always get great gifts ideas from them! I was a little afraid you weren’t doing one because of the unnecessary hate on one of the gifting guides. I hope you didn’t let it get to you. I like to spoil myself every now and then, and usually buy something you recommended or received. Thank you for sharing it with us ❤️

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