Huge Issues Are Coming! [The Check In #2]

It is a new 12 months, 2019 was a fairly a doozie, and we’re again to speak about what’s arising within the close to future. It feels good to get again into the groove after taking a number of weeks off, particularly as issues are going to get busy shortly for you and us. We additionally need to hear from you! Depart your reply to the query within the video within the feedback under.

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  1. So glad Dorian is healthy again yay! Ashley looking spectacular as usual. To answer the questions:
    1. I hate when people don't use their blinkers on the road.
    2. So excited to see what y'all have planned. With y'all till the end!
    Happy New Year!

  2. I’d love to see more home essentials and home style/interior design videos.

  3. I need Ashley’s take on white / off white denim!

  4. Ashley, so good to see you back! I was afraid you were done doing this, so have been watching the older videos for advice. Hope you’re feeling better soon!

    Dorian, good to see you as well, and so sorry to hear about your diagnosis. I have Crohn’s disease as well, for almost 25 years now. I’m happy to say that I beat it. Mainstream medicine has very little success treating this, and most of us are destined for a lifetime of flare ups, followed by remission (hopefully without surgery) and drugs that have dangerous side effects. I have a dear friend who also has had it since we were teenagers. He spent his life on medications, constantly being sick, and having surgeries until there was nothing left to take out. It’s been hard to watch this once all pro athlete become what he is today. So after years of my own issues, I was diagnosed at age 31, and with the help of my father decided to take a different path. Using a holistic approach, including naturopathic, alternative medicine, and nutrition, I put mine in remission almost 15 years ago, and today my doctors say I have no signs of ever having it. I am now a 55 year old high school strength and conditioning specialist, and I’m in better shape than most of the kids I train. I have helped others with this over the years, and if I can ever do anything to help you, please don’t hesitate to reach out. I will give you my contact info. There are great books and protocols that I would recommend. In the meantime, God speed to you in this battle. Thank you both for all your great advice, glad you’re back!

  5. Can you recommend what to wear on first date?

  6. Was eagerly waiting for your video ❤️

  7. Happy new year ! Wish you the best for 2020 ! Thanks for everything, you give happiness to people and for some , better look 😂😂

  8. I'm so happy to see that your back on track, Dorian. 2020 just started on the right track

  9. need more thoughts on sportswear.cothing and footwear.

  10. Maybe 2020 should be a year with better color correction? I love the videos otherwise.

  11. Hello! I would love to hear your opinion on men’s hats, especially fedoras and such; whether they are stylish in today’s world or only fit for neckbeards.

    I love this channel and there is so much good content. Thank you guys so much!

    P.S. I have crohn’s disease as well so I understand Dorian’s struggle!

  12. Looks like a new person. 💪🏽

  13. Hi Guys! Great to hear you're recovering well Dorian! Something I was hoping to get more advice on is more content on formal occasions, especially weddings! Would be great to see what you think is currently "in" and what is timeless that I can add to my wardrobe.

    Please keep up the great work and thanks for all the advice!

  14. You asked what I want to see. I'm a recently divorced man who was just beginning the journey into stylishness. The divorce has strapped my cash flow to a level that put me shopping the thrift store for clothes. I'd like to see you guys put together a video for how to shop a thrift store for stylish clothes.

  15. How to pick travel clothes and do you buy clothes when you travel

  16. When it comes to TV series, definitely recommend Netflix's Money Heist

  17. Happy 2020. Good video, feel better Ashley. Happy Dorian is filling out and on the road to recovery, and travel. I say start the year off with tried and true – clothing and footwear. I can’t relate to all your many business tips as most of us aren’t running “two or three companies.” How about some men’s style related to James Bond with No Time to Die out in April?

  18. I can't believe how Dorian is so tall but weighed lighter than me even if I'm really small by American standards (i'm Asian).

  19. Hello Ashley and Dorian, Glad to see your getting your health back. Question for you, what are your thoughts on the Nike Tailwind 79s. Interested in grabbing a pair and would like to hear what you think. Thank you.

  20. great news. Dorian should be careful not to put on fat as he lost a lot of muscle mass.

  21. A little esoteric but maybe styling around watches, ie straps/bracelets, dial colors, etc. How to mix and match with outfits appropriately.

  22. more essential products – pajamas / silk sleep pants / accessories / hats / super cold weather coats (when a single coat isn't enough) – still baffled in these areas

    You and Inside Aaron Hernandez are great shows

  23. @Dorian, love you and your wife's channel! I also went through a debilitating chronic disease that dropped 40lbs off my current weight, and I looked similarly skeletal. I empathize and wish you a productive journey to regain your weight/muscle. I enjoyed every moment of working out and eating to get back to my current weight.

  24. Do outfits for when you vote for trump

  25. So glad to have you back i missed you both

  26. I would still love to see a video regarding accessoires, namely bracelets, rings and necklaces

  27. Hi all, I have a video suggestion I think everyone would enjoy- your top 5 (or however many) suggestions for budget dress shirts. Something similar to what you published about the best budget chinos a few months back, I suppose. I know you've talked about the shirts from the Tie Bar several times, which I'd agree hold the best price-value ratio out there. I also have a couple traveler shirts from SuitSupply which are amazing; I've heard good things about the dress shirts from Banana Republic as well, but I've never handled those. I'm curios if there's other brands, in the sub-$100 range, you recommend.

    Lastly, and more importantly, I'm wishing you both a great 2020. I'm excited for the upcoming content, and surely wish you both all the best. Dorian, I hope your recovery continues and that you're feeling better each day.

  28. Happy New Year to you both. So glad you’re on the mend Dorian. I know how you feel, as I lost 40 lbs of muscle while being decimated by Lyme disease and have regained that all back and exercising again myself. It’s amazing what your body can recover from so all the very best with making a full recovery and getting your quality of life back.

  29. Always great to see you two and check out your recommendations. I am just hopeful that you will continue to clarify if these items you are recommending, including haircuts, are appropriate or not for those of us in their 40's. I would also love to see specific haircuts for specific head/face shapes. Sunglasses for those face shapes would also be appreciated. Thanks again! Love the channel!

  30. Chewing and slurping noises make me insane! LOL
    I suggest you keep up the great work…proud to be styled by Ashley Weston! Thanks for all the great content!

  31. Happy New Year! We've missed you! Two questions: 1. What irrationally irritates you? 2. What do you want to see us cover this year?

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