The Swap Lite Flip Cowl Is Stronger Than I Thought

The Swap Lite Flip Cowl initially launched by Nintendo in Japan solely at launch and now it has began to launch within the US with on-line retailers beginning to listing it. I went forward and picked one as much as test it out and see if it’s a good purchase for the 40 {dollars}.

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  1. Haha when you dropped the Xbox one I laughed aloud at work

  2. YouTuber: Opens can of whoop ass on switch lite

    Me: Subscribes

  3. Can you still put it in a case with this cover on the switch lite?

  4. And Im complaining when it’s sold in here for 24 dollars

  5. lol Apple isn't the best benchmark for pricing. They're selling a laptop stand for like a $1000 for fuck sake.

  6. Bruh I saw the googly eyes at 4:11 fricking hilarious man.

  7. But is it compatible with the ergonomic must-have Satisfye™ Gaming Grips?????

  8. Stop flopping the effing thing around and it won’t flap lol. Goodness. It’s specifically designed for the lid to hang in a position where your hands do not touch it whatsoever. And it’s so feather light but it doesn’t throw off the balance or feel heavy. Always trying to force stuff to work in away it wasn’t designed… of course it doesn’t work as a kickstand. It’s a Switch Lite! You don’t need a kickstand for the Lite! Hence why it doesn’t have one in the first place

  9. Satisfy Grip w/ Hard Case $49.99. No brainer here

  10. I had this case but returned it becuz its to uncomfortable to use the switch lite while in this case!

  11. When that xbox one came out of nowhere I legit gasped

  12. Did I seriously just watch someone review a case for 11 minutes?

  13. This video did not need to be over 11 minutes. Everything said could've been covered in 2.

  14. it just hit the states today! Jan 13

  15. 4:05 i thought you were pranking us by wearing googly eyes while putting the screen in, but it's just your ringlight. Disappointed.

  16. CAREFUL!!!! 7:52 If you don't want it, give it to a subscriber!! (NOT ME, I have one already) But whatever you do don't break it!.

    EDIT: 8:45 AWW frickin' crap, now an XBOX ONE!!?? (Seriously someone stop him)

    Spawn Wave: (Serious look on his face, like it's no big deal dropping an XBOX ONE)

  17. I just got one of these in the UK for the insane price of £34.99 and it's sort of a "meh" from me. I already own 3 other Switch lite cases (official Nintendo white pouch, deluxe travel case by RDS and Hori tough pouch) and they range from £12-£15 each so this is over double the price.

    The only good thing it really has going for it is that it's the slimmest one and can slip into a big coat pocket. You also flip it open and don't have to unzip anything to get access meaning you can have it in a pocket, and play at a train station or on a bus etc. then quickly flip it closed when you need to move and don't have to try and carefully zip a switch into a case.

    The triggers are completely exposed when closed so they'll probably get damaged putting it into a bag with other things.

    You can't put a switch into the cover if it has a shell on already like the Hori duraflexi because the flip cover is too small. You can't put a switch with the Hori duraflexi into the white Nintendo pouch either but you can fit it in the other two cases.

    Kind of ironically you can actually put the lite into this flip cover and then put it inside the RDS or Hori case, so you're double casing it. This is great when you are putting it in a bag traveling where it could get damaged so it's protected fully and the triggers are safe.

    It doesn't fit in the white Nintendo case with the flip cover on. Overall it's overpriced and niche and should be like £20 maybe £25 tops. It was probably designed for Japanese people who are constantly on and off of trains and game in public a lot.

    It looks nice and sleek at least with a grown up adult type mesh fibre type effect that you'd see normally on a high end phone case compared to the typical bulky over padded game console case you'd normally put a clumsy child's console into so they don't damage it.

    I think the RDS is the best overall – it's solid yet still soft, has a plastic game case hidden inside, can be used as a stand and can take the lite with a trigger grip case or duraflexi attached. Followed by the Hori case which is similar but has a built in fabric pouch for game storage, doesn't work as a stand, is softer material overall and can only accept the lite with a duraflexi but not a trigger grip plastic case. Then the Nintendo white case last – it's small and tight, can't take the console with any sort of protective shell on it at all and it squashes the analogue sticks because of how small they made it.

    This flip cover is either the best because of its small size if that's what you're after or second to last/last because of its lack of general protection overall, lack of game storage area and ridiculous price.

  18. Seems legit and good definitely gonna buy it I wanna take care of my switch lite anyway

  19. wonder if there’s enough room in the case to leave my thumb grips on and have it close properly?

  20. Video starts at 8:42 for “stronger than this”

  21. Can anybody tell me if this is worth it or the moko brand that has removable magnetic top so that way the top isn’t in the way, and it has small grips on the back.

  22. Would this work with a clear case over the switch lite ?

  23. What bothers me is leaving the triggers exposed. Still want it. For when I travel light or just charge it

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