HELLO BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE! Lastly I’m again with one other AMAZON video for you guys! These are positively my hottest movies and I haven’t posted one in fairly some time—and also you guys took discover! SO right here you go! To make up for it, I’ve put collectively a HUGE Amazon record of over 30 issues I lately picked up from Amazon! Let me know what you guys have picked up lately & which merchandise from this video was your favourite!

Let’s be buddies!
Enterprise Inquires:

1. Louis Vuitton Impressed Lunch Field:
Related LV Lunch Field:
Related LV Lunch Field:
2. Air Fryer Rack:
3. Clip On Strainer:
4. Whisk Wiper:
5. Terry Pan Deal with Set:
6. Pan Scrapers:
7. Leopard Keychain:
8. Leopard Make-up Bag Set:
9. Leopard Blanket:
10. Electrical Nail Drill:
11. Gel/Dip Nail Removers:
12. Faux Nails:
13. Edge Cutter:
14. Nail Buffers/Information:
15. Cuticle Cutter:
16. Electrical Heater:
17. Christmas Decoration Storage Field:
18. Reusable Produce Bag:
19. Canine Meals Scoops:
20. Canine Hair Brush:
21. Hydroflask:
22. Silicone Sleeve:
23. Hydroflask Cup Holder:
24. Hair Straightener:
25. {Couples} Desk Subjects:
26. Dry Brush:
27. Pillow Covers:
28. LV Sun shades Case:
29. Gucci Telephone Case:
30. Gold Bag Hanger:
31. Automotive Garments Bar:
32. Clear Bins with Lids:
33. Digital camera Case:
34. Egg Cooker:
35. Three Pack of Tanks:
36. Cell Telephone Holder Stand:

FTC Disclaimer: This video isn’t sponsored, however a number of the product hyperlinks could also be affiliate hyperlinks by which I earn a small fee out of your buy. I really admire the entire assist from each one in all you ❤️


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  1. Omg! Where did you get your necklace.. I love it!

  2. Must have? Are you feeling ok?
    Trash…wake up people…

  3. Just FYI: the correct way to use a dry brush is to do long, sweeping, motions in one direction towards your heart. Don't scrub with it. So if you start at your fingertips, sweep up your arm (on all sides), across your shoulders toward your heart. If you start at your toes, do likewise up.

    Dry brushing isn't just for cosmetic purposes. If you learn to do it regularly, it can help increase circulation AND help your lymphatic system flush itself out, which aids in getting toxins out of your system. It can also help reduce swelling from lymphedema because It encourages drainage of excess fluid. Google and learn where your lymph nodes are and pay attention to those areas, especially if you are sick. Your brush should have instructions on how to clean and sanitize. Best wishes!

  4. Very nice items. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Another way to get hard boiled eggs done quick and easy is to do them in the oven. I'll put a whole dozen in my muffin tins and put it in the oven and bake them. They come out perfect every time. Oven temp 325 degrees F for 30 minutes.

  6. The blanket is giraffe print. It's still cute though. Lol

  7. This is my first time here, enjoyed it and subscribed❣️☮️💚

  8. Love everything that you shared Kayla! 😍✨

  9. Omg I have been wanting to get a nail drill I do my nails at home to it’s the best thing I have done I got the Kiara
    Sky nail kit love it

  10. “These are your guyses favorite videos.” Really? So clearly, with that grammar, you can’t get a real job.

  11. Be careful buying hydroflask on amazon. I spent $50 on one to find out it wasn’t real.

  12. I see what u did here 😏😏😏 .. 30 items, .. 30 minute video 😏😏

  13. I’d use the lunch box as a makeup bag, either or.

  14. Just a tip from one nail person to another. I also do my nails at home but I use revel and if you’re gonna soak them it’s easier to fill a ziplock baggy with acetone, a small drop of coconut oil, and put the baggy of acetone in a bowl of warm water. Put both hands in and your nails will be soaked off in 7-10 minutes

  15. Wow you are beautiful! Idk how I found you but I’m so so happy I did! I feel like I need all these items in my life lol Great video 😉

  16. not that this matters for literally anything, but that was definitely an steel whisk not an aluminum whisk. again matters for nothing i’m just super annoying.

  17. Thank you for listing the items in order you talk about them! Easier to copy, I mean, shop your look. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  18. Girl you are gorgeous. Like wow. Seriously. So beautiful 💕

  19. @kaylanichole what color eye shadow do you have on? It’s beautiful!!!! 💃🏻

  20. Lots of great stuff that I haven’t seen! 👍🏼 thanks a bunch

  21. THANK U !!!!! The lunch box is amazing

  22. I tried the hydroflask cup holder and it did NOT work for me. It was too top heavy. 🙁

  23. Thank you for displaying the prices, it really is useful to have that. Nobody else does it.

  24. Thank you for displaying the prices, it really is useful to have that. Nobody else does it.

  25. “Your house is only so big, you have to stop your addiction to throw pillows”…

    Gurl I FELT that 🤣 🙌🏻


  26. Anyway to give a tutorial on this makeup look?

  27. you put napkins, wet-naps and silverware in the outside pocket of the lunch bag and the inside pocket is to put the ice packs.

  28. Hey Kayla! Just found your channel, and I just subscribed! Just an FYI, you might need a few more things to be able to do your nails at home! You need a good glue so that the press-on nails don’t immediately pop off! And also, please, please be careful with that nail drill. A lot of professionals use it for a starter machine (I’m a licensed full-specialist). So it definitely is professional-grade. Make sure to do your homework on how to use it, so you don’t hurt your nail beds. And if you’ve never used a cuticle cutter, you have to be gentle and make sure not to cut yourself, because it can cause major infection. Hope that helps! 🙆🏻‍♀️♥️

  29. I also want to start doing my own nails. I spent so much at the nail salon so I would love to learn. You should do a video of how you do your nails!❤️

  30. I love the way she's using less plastic but she says it just annoying her she should have just said its for the environment

  31. Your videos are addicting! Love everything you buy!

  32. This gram came across your videos and you are adorable . I Love love Amazon! I'm hooked on it. My daughters laugh that I have just caught up! You are perfect for Utube!

  33. Hey, new subscriber. What palette did you use in this video? Its soo pretty. Read all of the comments and am shocked no one asked 😍😘❤

  34. I'm a blanket hoarder, I have so many its ridiculous

  35. I love your Amazon hauls you. come up with some great things that I just can't live without! Thank you.

  36. Hey its the first time I watched you and I love your personality. I also am a huge pink fan so I had to say love the eyeshadow. I follow a good amount of people on YouTube but then stop because I like the content but they seem fake I dont get that from you at all. You seem very real and look like you love what you do. Not trying to be creepy at all but I think if we ever met we would click instantly.i means friends don't worry I am not trying to hit on you. Lol. You just seem real and that is hard to find nowadays. Thanks for doing what u do.

  37. You are adorable! I enjoy your videos! Thanks for sharing!

  38. AHH guys unfortunately the LV lunch box I showed is no longer on Amazon for whatever reason, but I have linked a couple super similar ones! So sorry about that!

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