iPad Professional 11 Case I'm Beginning 2020 With!!! i-Blason Halo V2 Evaluation…

Shield your iPad Professional 11 in 2020 With iBlason Halo V2. The “Clear Alternative”…

Get One Right here:
i-Blason Halo V2.zero Collection Case Designed for iPad Professional 11 Inch Case 2018

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  1. Which do you prefer? The CoverBuddy or the Halo?

  2. I guess this is not a bad one. They just need to change that material in the back.

  3. Will the Hyperdrive still fit (and work)?

  4. Can you use baseus invisible usb c hub with this case

  5. I bought this one because I didn’t want to spend the $40 on the cover buddy and I’m super happy with the halo. Haven’t had a problem. Absolutely worth the $15 I spent over the $40 for the other one. Nothing so far has hindered the usb c port and not to heavy at all. Didn’t make a huge difference.

  6. Best cover ever. I had for 1 year

  7. Do you prefer this compared to the cover buddy? Basically the same concept?

  8. Yo ATG! Happy New Year Bro’. Thx for the review 🙂👍🏻

  9. So basically a cover for the cover…

  10. Any more cases similar to this one for the keyboard folio without the pencil holder that can fit in my Tom toc case? Thanks in advance

  11. I love your videos. Please could you do a review on this new controller that I found. It has USB-C, it’s as small as the SteelSeries Stratus. But I don’t know if it will work with the iPad Pro on iPadOS. It’s called the RunSnail SN30 Pro. Thank you and I love the videos

  12. Hey bro, can you test elecom screen protector? It’s a paperlike that is made in japan (unlike the other ones which are all made in china including the original paperlike) a forum poster who tried all of them claimed it’s the best one


  13. Does It work with the smart folio? (non keyboard ver.)

  14. Are you gonna try the new brydge pro+ for the ipad 11” pro?

  15. Purchased it after watching this video. Greatest solution!!! It might add a bit of weight, but full protection:) thanks!

  16. I have been using this thing since the first month the IPad Pro came out. I did have to file away the plastic area where the cover latches with magnets to the iPad when stood in keyboard mode but it looks like they have since then figured that out. Still two big thumbs up for this product.

  17. I love this case, which hub do you find that works while the case is on the iPad? I use this case with the folio instead of my Brydge, and if I had a hub that would work with it on, it will definitely move up in it’s usefulness and ability to replace my laptop.

  18. What’s the difference specifically between V1 and V2 (i have V1 and on the less inclined position it doesn’t attach magnetically very week, is it fixed?)

  19. I see ALL MIGHT, I press like + subscribe <3

  20. Would this also work with the back protection for the Brydge keyboard case? Can you test this? Maybe it won't work with hinges.

  21. After seeing a bunch of negative reviews for Apple’s Smart Keyboard case, I was little skeptical, but I’m glad that I went with it. Got it for $150 at Best Buy (open box) and it’s sleek & slim, and I’ve quickly adapted to typing on the keyboard. Yes, a backlight would’ve been nice but I’m so used to typing that I don’t really have to look down at my keys to see what I’m typing. As for protection, the sides aren’t really protected but that’s the trade-off for such a slim design. I plan to carry around a Moko sleeve anyways with both the iPad and case inside.

  22. When’s the update video for the paperlike V2 coming?

  23. Would you prefer Halo v2 or Uag scout?

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