attempting on EVERYTHING in my closet *this took 6 hours*

in immediately’s video, i strive on EVERYTHING in my closet. i selected to both maintain a chunk or donate it. please get pleasure from this lengthy video 😉

megan’s channel:
her instagram:

instagram ➭ @annielongyt
twitter ➭ @annie21lengthy
tik tok ➭ @annielong

low cost codes:
iris magnificence for 15% off: AnnieLong15
kroma instances for 10% off: AnnieLong
preciousbykate for a reduction: ANNIE
honeybylex for 10% off: ANNIE

how previous are you? ➭ 13, eighth grade. my channel is managed by my dad!
what do you movie with? ➭ the canon 80d – and the canon g7x –
what do you edit with? ➭ Remaining Lower Professional
sub objective? ➭ 250ok

outro tune:


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  1. You truly inspire me. I love your amazing work.
    I am a new YouTuber
    Please show my channel some love ❤️ 😘

  2. where is that red wrap dress with the broken string from? its so cute omg

  3. i don’t own a dress and i have one skirt

  4. where the dress from 18:02 from its soooooooooooo cute!!!!!🥺

  5. The fact that you blurred your feet 😂

  6. what is the long sleeve shirt from urban outfitters that you have in grey and white called??

  7. Your so cute!! I really like your style😘

  8. where did annie get the red floral wrap dress

  9. i don't regret watching the whole 21 minutes and 7 seconds of this video.

  10. if you don’t mind me asking, what’s your waist size? i really want the phoebe skirt from brandy but i’m scared it will be too tight! 🥺

  11. 3:03 that shirt looks SO good on you omg I mean they all do but that one shirt suits you so well

  12. Where did you get the pink floral spring dress? I love it!

  13. hi have no clothes to do this w lmao

  14. where is that black dragon short from?

  15. omg wait ur coming to florida ? i live in FL. AHH maybe i might see you ? 🙂

  16. I think I tried doing this once expecting it to take four hours and it lasted ten minutes because half of my stuff was like “oh yep, not going over the hips” or “oh yep, not going over my shoulders”

  17. 15:26 Awwwwwww she's being such a cute fangirl. To be honest I would do that too if I were her haha.

  18. i don’t even know how I found your channel but I like your vibe

  19. Lmao my 'closet' literally got three hoodies and two trousers Can'T ReLate

  20. “I’m From BrAnDy MeLvIle” is that all you say like you only say where a piece is from if it’s from Brandy Melvile “An AvErAgE TeE FrOm BrAnDy

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