New child Rash & Cradle Crap! Mother Life, Material Diapers, Guests and… Extra. Vlog!

Hey occasion folks! Thanks a lot for hanging out with me right now whereas I share with you the entire woes. haha We focus on the new child screening, fabric diaper routine, new child rash (erythema toxicum), instagram fame, cradle cap, valentine’s day outfits, and MORE! It is actually only a hang around with me kind of vlog! Hope you take pleasure in it! Thanks a lot for hanging out! I hope you take pleasure in it!



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  1. I feel equally smug about cloth diapering three kiddos, lol! People were quite skeptical. We quit a few months ago though, because I couldn’t get down a good routine with our new washer and it’s our last kid so I’m like “whatever.” 🤦🏼‍♀️🤣

  2. I'm gonna chime in and agree…quest sucks and hiding from the sales guy is priceless hahaha. I can't depend on my husband to take care of it…. he just calls me over😂

  3. Our Babies were born on the exact same day! Try using Anti-Dandruff shampoo. I used Jason Anti Dandruff shampoo on both of my babies when they had cradle cap. It went away in 3 days I am not even exaggerating. I also used a small amount on their forehead and eyebrow ridge where they also got cradle cap and it works like a charm. When applying it to the face just suds it up in your hand like you would do for any type of face wash and rub it on the affected areas of the face then wipe it off with a damp wash cloth. For the head you can just rinse as usual.

  4. What is the name if the carrier that you have meredith in?

  5. I can’t fathom disliking this or any of your videos!

  6. Both my grandsons had bad cradle cap and the only thing that i found that worked was a small amount of head and shoulders and a small fine tooth comb and gently swirl the comb around and flake away the buildup. That way next time you wash her hair in a bit of head and shoulders (we asked the doctor first, he said it was just as good as any shampoo that he could prescribe.) it can help wash it away. we did the comb "scrapping" when the hair was dry. Their cradle cap was gone within a couple of weeks.

  7. Do you use disposable diapers at all? If so, what brand?

  8. Has anyone mentioned the resemblance between Wentworth and Meredith? So adorable!

  9. Do you worry about SIDS ? I would be nervous to even go to sleep for the first 4 months. Is it true that if you put them to nap or sleep on their back propped up with a pacifier it prevents the risk? I'm just obsessed after hearing so many tragic experiences recently.

  10. Aww she is so hide lol that way I be doing that win sale person comes to door I don't answer .

  11. You putting the spice back to get the store brand one that was 40 cents cheaper is THE MOST RELATABLE THING I’VE EVER SEEN IN MY ENTIRE LIFE. 😂😂😂😂😂

  12. kim do you remove the inserts before rinesing

  13. For the cradle cap, I would recommend you eliminate dairy and gluten from your diet while you are breast feeding

  14. Try using Olive or Grapeseed oil. Allow the oil to sit for a while before bathtime then use whatever shampoo you have (like the honest brand) with the brush while washing her hair.

  15. Love kitty stuff, can’t wait for my first grand baby, due in April.

  16. My youngest daughter had the worst cradle cap.

  17. Mustela cradle cap shampoo works great

  18. We are definitely cloth diapering but have been given SOOO many disposable ones that we decided to use those ones first and then cloth diaper

  19. That "Cradle crap" tho 😂 ~ That's real #momlife 😉🤣

  20. Cradle Crap 😂 I have always called it that to and people look at me crazy. So glad I’m not alone

  21. You are the most relatable person on YouTube…lol!!!!!! Love your personality!

  22. I was changing my baby girls cloth diaper while watching this videos.

  23. Quest is definitely not the best. My company uses them and it is always a pain to do anything

  24. You're honestly a pregnancy and mummy goddess….. ❤❤❤

  25. Meredith is such a beautiful little girl. She's getting so big already. It doesn't seem that she should be turning 3 months already. Those outfits you picked out for Valentine's Day are so cute. Great video as always. Thanks for sharing with us!

  26. love that you're doing cloth diapers. how many do you consider a good stash? I'm trying to decide if i want to try to make them or if purchasing pre made is worth the cost. we have coin laundry and do not have a separate rinse option (would have to pre soak and then take to washer). In terms of cost vs disposables and the time for washing etc how do you find the comparison?

  27. Do you know your background song when you’re at Publix?

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