Digicam Equipment we DONT LEAVE Residence With out!

Listed here are a few of our favourite digital camera gear equipment that we do not go away house with out! Huge thanks Peak Designs for Sponsoring this video, take a look at the NEW On a regular basis Backpack:

1. NEXTO DI NPS-10 Storage:
2. PolarPro Peter McKinnon VND:
3. Angelbird Card Reader:
4. SwitchPod DSLR Digicam Stabilizer:
5. PolarPro Slate SD Card Case:

Giveaway Particulars:
For those who’re interested by successful a model new Peak Design On a regular basis Backpack all you want to do is go away a touch upon this video why you want a brand new bag. Additionally, to double your probabilities go away a touch upon Connor’s video:

Gear I Use to Make Movies:
1. Canon C200 ➡
2. Canon EOS R ➡
3. Favourite Prime Lens ➡
4. Favourite Zoom Lens ➡
5. Favourite Mic ➡
6. Full Gear Checklist ➡

Greatest Offers for Digicam Gear!
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Observe Me:

Many of the music tracks you hear in my movies come from Epidemic Sound ➡

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Affiliate Disclosure:
Among the hyperlinks used within the description will direct you to Amazon, as an Amazon Affiliate I earn from qualifying purchases at no further price to you.

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  1. Planning to travel more with my new a7iii in my country so just trying my luck to get this premium bag 😛

  2. I need this backpack, because I'm going to travel the world full time, so it would keep my camera gear safe in every situation.

  3. My current backpack is old and peak design is just awesome

  4. I'm literally actually using a backpack I bought off back-to-school clearance from Target to carry my gear. Be it Lowepro, Brevite or any of the other go-to camera bags YouTubers have, they all are outside of my price range. I'd like to step it up, and that Peak Design looks like the Cadillac of camera bags.

  5. would be great for my "lite" kit when I just need a couple of lenses and just one body.

  6. Armando estoy buscando comprar un buen paquete de efectos y transiciones para mis video en youtube editado en premier pro, podrás recomendarme uno?

  7. im just starting out in photography and going on a semester abroat. would love to have the bag to take my gear in when i go out adventuring!

  8. I also carry my laptop and câmera everywhere arround. The backpack will provide safety and make it easier to handle things without getting the backpack out of my shoulder

  9. It would be cool to win the backpack because I don't have one since I'm just starting out lol and it's a must-have investment to keep the value of your gear. btw, nice nerdy loft! I have the same pac-man lights in my loft too!

  10. a backpack like that makes a whole lotta difference for us young creators

  11. The peak design everyday backpack offers unmatched versatility for me and would love to have it for for carrying most of my camera gear when I go on professional shoots!

  12. Hi Armando, I'd love a Peak Design backpack because they look awesome and I only have a tiny camera bag that doesn't fit the new lens I bout to take on safari in Uganda. I live in Australia and PD backpack here costs more than $500 so its financially out of reach at the moment. Winning one would be awesome. Thanks 🙂

  13. I would love to win the Peak Design Everyday Backpack V2 as I love the idea of having customizable dividers to organise your camera gear and I've been a huge fan of Peak Design and their products ever since I started photography.

  14. Hey, thanks for doing the giveaway!! I don't have a camera backpack ever and it would be nice to have one to accommodate my setups

  15. Hoping to win this bag to replace my single DSLR samsonite.

  16. My backpack at the moment can't really hold as much as I'd like it too, plus it's nowhere near as sleek looking at the peak design! 😅😂

  17. My back pack for my gear is a normal backpack and it’s killing me, I would love to win this backpack to save my back and travel with all the equipment

  18. Finally! Thanks for sharing the NEXTO DI NPS-10 Nexto Photo Storage! That's a great way to store pics when traveling and just bring back to connect to the computer to work on the pics!

  19. I doubt ill win but it doesn’t hurt to try, this would be great to have since i just sold my lowepro to save up for a peak bag so 🙏🏻

  20. I would like the bag because its Free.

  21. Would love a new backpack to house my new xt4 🙂 when I shoot my son’s surfing adventures – @simonhetrick on Instagram

  22. Hi Armando, I need this backpack to carry all my stuff because I don't have a nice padded backpack now, so I'm struggling when I carry my xt3 and and 3 of my lenses.

  23. I want it because according to the website, it can hold a sarape really well.

  24. Hey Armando, I said this in Connor's video and I say it again: I know this sounds convenient but I literally been searching the past few weeks the perfect camera bag for me.

    And turns out Peak Design Backpack is the best option in terms of portability and quality but it's a little expensive for my budget: definitely trying save for that beauty!

  25. I’d love to win the bag, I ride and die for peak. They make amazing bags and I need them all.

  26. I need a new bag because I don’t have one for my camera gear right now. 😂

  27. I'd love to win the Everyday Backpack v2!

  28. Man, I've been eyeing this bag for a little bit now. I needed a new backpack b/c the one I have now is not very comfortable.

  29. I need a Peak Design backpack as I've seen no other backpack that has such well designed outlets to access camera gear while rocking that slick urban look that makes it a photographer's pride!

  30. Would love the peak design backpack! My over the shoulder bag is really cumbersome and getting full.. love the channel bro.. thanks!

  31. I need the Peak design backpack for my upcoming Taiwan trip!

  32. I‘m going backpacking in the Philippines in April with a stopover in Bangkok and dont have a camera bag to carry my gear in my daytrips yet. The everyday backpack has the perfect size and accessability for my needs. Good luck to everyone else too!

  33. I've been looking for a better solution to an everyday backpack for camera gear and sound equipment. Ones like ThinkTank are ok… but just hold enough for essential gear. This Peak bag looks like it will hold a few extra items like a jacket etc. Interested in looking at it more on the Peak website. Thanks. Hope I win one to try out.

  34. I would love to win this because I need a backpack for my gear and also for schools thank you. Best of luck to everyone.!!

  35. My photo backpack so broken….i can only use one streap

  36. As a beginner in filmmaking this bag would set a president in organizing my gear as well as my mind so as to furthermore bring about excellent results thank you for the above tool info

  37. Hi, great Video and nice video on the gear basics! Since I don't own a backpack the new peak design would be great to carry my camera everywhere!

  38. I've really outgrown my canon bp10.. Sadly thats why I would like a bigger one

  39. I have a same peak design 30L one, I use it often but it just too heavy….if it was lighter I would use it more.

  40. I want to win the peak design bag. I’ve never win anything but I hope this time is true.

  41. Hola Armando and Connor! Why do I need this prolific backpack? Well I have two G85's one Nikon Z6, Atomos Ninja V, 50 mm Rokinon T1.5 Cine lens, Tamron 35-150mm, FTZ adapter, 24-75 F5 Nikkor, and lots of MFT lens. That is why I would love one these peak design backpack!

  42. I currently have some cheap ebay camera bag and it's embarrassing. Although fairly practice but probably doesn't offer the best protection. Any way if I win, it would be amazing. Sweet vid and big thumbs up

  43. 🇧🇷 I would love to win this backpack, here in Brazil we do not have access to these brands, it would be really cool to have access to something so innovative to store my photographic equipment … the gray is wonderful. Give affection to the Brazilian public .. big hug and I love the content of the channel.

  44. I’d love to win the peakdesign bag. My only nag for my camera is a normal tote bag i mean tote bag you can buy anywhere.
    I really hope i will win😢

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