10 APPS That Will Make iPad Extra USEFUL !

10 should obtain iPad apps that can make your iPad tremendous helpful. Should have iPad apps that add superb new options to your iPad.

10 helpful iPad apps that can be utilized to preform totally different duties in your iPad and naturally make your iPad extra helpful. Everybody that desires to get extra out of their iPad should obtain these apps.
Apps LINK within the pinned remark.

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  1. These are my favourite types of videos u post

  2. Downloaded Filmr opened the app and closed it when i seen it didnt do landscape mode . So back to luma fusion .

  3. For the wallpaper it’s here https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1roLiR37sf5-v1eEmvMUP0fqCvVprrjjJ
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  4. Good video. I’m really disappointed in iPad os after using it since release. The latest iPads are powerful enough to run Mac OS & for the likes of me I need some of that functionality in order to use it as my only computing device. iPad os to me is a start & a pretty poor one at that.

  5. you sure say "of course" a lot. Overall very useful. Thank you.

  6. – 1st: calculator app, it's called "the calculator"
    – aha..

  7. Thank you for the great apps. Very useful.

  8. Thanks for showing me Gladys. I have it now

  9. Filmr and pdf are listed as the same link

  10. “95% of the time you will have your iPad at your house” forreal im the only one who takes my 11” everywhere with me lol 😅

  11. Just one question how is GLADYS different to COPIED ? Copied also lets you do the same thing isn't it ?

  12. It was a little frustrating not being able to access a calculator through control center

  13. duo lingo.. great plug. downloading right now!

  14. drinking game: take a shot every time he says "of course"

  15. i assumed the iPad would have the same apps as my phone I thought I was trippin when I couldn’t find the calculator

  16. I didnt know. Calculator has currency change

  17. That calculator app has more ads than a Trump campaign. No thank you.

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